Risen 3: Titan Lords

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Cheat Codes:

Easy „Perfectionist” achievement or trophy:
A quest is registered every time the message „Quest success” appears, including
when you reload to farm the same quest repeatedl One good quest to farm occurs
early in the game, as you first leave Crab Coast after joining with Bone
Visiting each island for the first time counts as a successful ques Visiting
each island in succession counts as six quest You can reach 300 by doing this,
but will require some time as it needs 50 saved game reloads and the time to
complete each trip to the six port Another location to increment the completed
quest total is in Calador, at the Citadel of the Demon Hunter Save the game
before entering the Citadel for the first tim Then, enter it and it will count
as a successful ques Go to the small shop to the left inside the large entrance
hall and talk Connor until all responses are exhauste This will give and complete
four quests in quick successio Reload the saved game and repeat the proces

Freddie’s Shackles legendary item („Fog Island” DLC):
Talk to Bones to get to Fog Islan The Freddie’s Shackles legendary item can be
found at a small villag It gives a +10% Glory bonu

Piranha Bytes, the creators of Gothic and Risen, return to their origins with a
new, classic RP Risen 3: Titan Lords pulls the player in to a hand-crafted role-
playing world full of rugged charm where every decision changes the course of the
stor Risen 3: Titan Lords is set for release in August 2014 for the Xbox 360 games
and entertainment system from Microsoft and for the PlayStation®3 computer
entertainment system as well as Windows P

The key element of the cult Gothic series as well as Risen is the vivid world and
the freedom to explore i The world of Risen 3: Titan Lords will be diverse,
authentic and full of life, providing the player with an authentic, classic RPG

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