Robocraft Royale

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Strategies and Encounters:
Written by Ploopploop

…you know the basics of the vehicles, weapons and controls
it’s time to get down to strategy.

While it is cool to show off how many kills you’ve gotten it might sometimes
result in you getting overwhelmed. Sometimes it is better to stay hidden and
have a low killcount while the others butcher each other up. In the end of
the day the game is about winning not killing (even though you will only
have 1% chance of winning without killing). This basically means that you
should only kill when neccessary. Don’t engage into meaningless combat.
You might use the supplies that you would just need for the final showdown.
It is better to win with only 1 kill than to lose with 29 kills. Because in
the end, you’d still be a loser.

It is possible to place waypoints on the map. Use this to your advantage.
Place a waypoint in a position where you want to hold out until you have to
move to another position. Having the mark on your radar might just help you
to manouver around the enemies to get to an advantageous position.

In a game like this the terrain is your biggest friend. Use it to your
advantage. High ground provide great overview for ground units while low
grounds provide amazing cover against all sorts of enemies.

There are many probs around the level that can help you staying unsighted.
Hiding behind a rock for cover or in the leaves of a tree can help you
remain undetected. You can also use buildings for cover from aircrafts.
Some vehicles also blend in with certain terrain making you look camouflaged.
Use this to your advantage as well in the environment. Stick close to waters
with blue colors and close to snow with white colors. The harder you are to
spot, the easier you will end up in the top 10.

-=Aerial Encounter=-
Sometimes you will have to face-off with an aerial enemy while you are just
a race-car. The best strategy is to make them waste their energy. While you
move from building to building to rack up repairs and energies they will
have no place to do that as well. Once their energy runs out you can easily
kill them even with inaccurate weapons. Energy = ammo so if they shoot you
and miss then you will be another step closer to hauling that kill in. It
is a patience game, but you will get there. Do move in unpredictable
patterns and not just straight lines so that they won’t hit you, or at
least not as often. Another strategy might be to switch from vehicles.
Sometimes you have to admit that you are outclassed. A shotgun won’t hit
that 100ft high helicopter. But a laser might just work.

-=Ground Encounter=-
Usually you will face-off against similar classed vehicles; ground units.
Taking them down can be quite difficult because if you can hit them then
they can hit you. Unless it is a sniper vs shotgun ofcourse. The first
rule of thumb is stopping their firepower. Right now an EMP would be great.
Hitting the guns will destroy it quickly. If you notice that the player is
panicking or not as impressive as you then you can destroy the wheels/legs
so that it can’t move while you slowly butcher it apart.

-=Quick Destroys=-
It is possible to quickly kill a huge chunk of the enemy. Most people will
go with the strategy to slice them in half since the biggest chunk will
remain and the other chunk will be destroyed. This is an efficient and
quick method of tearing through your enemy. If you happen to have a high
damage weapon then simply aim at the centre of the body to blow a hole in
it. Depending on the hole you can destroy the edges and the enemy will be
defeated in 2-3 hits. A shotgun is the perfect weapon for this.

Modules are ingame for a reason. They give advantages, sometimes even unfair
when used properly. Using stealth on a nearby enemy is great to either run
away or kill him without taking damage. It’s up to you how to use it, but
certainly don’t think that they are useless. Most people simply forget using
them or use them when they didn’t actually need it. Save it for when you are
in a pinch or when you know that you have enough time after the fight for the
cooldown to finish.

-=Cosmetics vs Usefulness=-
You won’t win the game in an epic happy face looking vehicle. You will win
with a vehicle that has decent weapons and that blends in with the environment.
So sometimes you see something cool, but if your remaining enemies are all
aircrafts, then it might be wiser to just stick with the ugly sniper weapon
or missile launcher.

-=Switch Your Rides=-
During your travels on the map you will be in different environments. Changing
from vehicles that blend in well is extremely important. You can also switch
from vehicles when your current one has taken damage and you find one that is
undamaged. You won’t waste a repair package on it unless you are surrounded
by repairs.

-=Reload Often=-
You can reload during combat and you can hold 10 of those packs. Use them
when your energy hits 30-50%. You don’t want to be without energy mid-combat
so make sure to use them well. After killing an enemy chances are high that
it will drop a few packs as well. And always fully reload after combat while
searching for new packs.

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