• Section 8 – Prejudice

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    Cheats OF section 8 Prejudice:

    Press + or tilde (~) or the button above Tab, to open the cheats console, then
    enter ‚Enablecheats’ then enter the following codes for the desired cheats:

    GOD – God Mod
    Allammo – Infinite ammo and jet repai
    Ghost – Walk through wall
    Disable – Take away limit of buildings and you can buy stuff without cas

    Automatic GUN , Pistol& Many more:

    Beat Story Mode to unlock This items and for use in multiplayer & Offline quick match

    All Trophys and Achievements:

    There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points in this game here they are:

    Basic Training – 20 Point
    Complete the Answers level of the Campaig
    Dig Two Graves – 20 Point
    Complete the Beasts level of the Campaig
    Mission Accomplished 0 – 35 Point
    Complete the Campaign on any difficult
    Battle-Hardened – 50 Point
    Complete the Campaign on Hard difficult
    Use More Gun – 30 Point
    Defeat the Vehicle Engineer in the Prejudice level of the Campaign before he deploys a Mec
    A Thorne in their Side – 20 Point
    Complete the Stormfront level of the Campaig
    Star Power – 20 Point
    Earn 20 Star
    Offline Celebrity – 25 Point
    Earn 40 Star
    Disconnected Superstar – 30 Point
    Earn 60 Star
    Citronella Armor – 20 Point
    Win a complete game of Swarm without dying on Medium or harder difficult
    Against All Odds – 10 Points
    Win a complete game of Swar
    In the Membrane – 30 Points
    Win a complete game of Swarm on Insane difficult
    Exterminator – 40 Points
    Win a game on each map in Swarm on Hard or Insane difficult
    Swarmaholic – 20 Point
    Win a ranked match on each map in Swar
    Cheetah – 10 Point
    Finish the obstacle course in the Answers level of the Campaign in under 53 second
    Conquistador – 10 Point
    Win a complete game in Conques
    Loud Cartographer – 20 Point
    Win a ranked match in each map group in Conques
    Face Melter – 10 Point
    Kill an enemy with the Siphon Too
    Falling with Style – 20 Point
    Kill an enemy by dropping on the
    Napalm in the Morning – 25 Point
    Kill 2 enemies at the same time with Incendiary damag
    ‚Til It Goes Click – 20 Point
    Kill 3 enemies in a row with the Machine Gun without reloadin
    Spice of Life – 15 Point
    Kill an enemy with each weapon typ
    The Old One-Two Punch – 10 Point
    Kill an enemy with any weapon after hitting them with a Grenad
    Can I Take Your Pulse, – 15 Point
    Kill 20 enemies with the Pulse Canno
    Close-Quarters Specialist – 15 Point
    Get 20 Defenses or Denials with the Shotgu
    That’s Assault, Brotha – 20 Point
    Kill 5 enemies in a game with the Assault Rifle from over 100m awa
    Demolition Man – 15 Point
    Destroy 32 Structures with the Missile Launche
    Mortardom – 15 Point
    Destroy 5 Vehicles with Mortar
    Knife to Meet You – 10 Point
    Fatality an enemy with the Knif
    Natural 20! – 15 Point
    Kill 20 enemies with headshots using the Sniper Rifl
    It’s a Trap! – 10 Point
    Destroy an enemy Detpac
    Garbage Day! – 20 Point
    Complete a ranked match with the highest Combat score using only the Pistol (12 or more players
    Moving Violation – 10 Point
    Kill an enemy by colliding with them using the Bik
    Millennium Club – 35 Point
    Kill 1000 enemie
    Duck Hunt – 15 Point
    Kill 10 enemies with the Deployable AA Turre
    Backseat Driver – 10 Point
    Kill an enemy with any secondary Vehicle sea
    I’m the Juggernau – 10 Point
    Kill an enemy by colliding with them while Overdrivin
    Like a Boss – 50 Point
    Reach level 50 in ranked matche
    Movin’ On Up – 10 Point
    Reach level 2 in ranked matche
    Warmed Up – 15 Point
    Win a ranked matc
    32 Pieces of Flair – 40 Point
    Earn each Badge in ranked matche
    Feat-tastic – 25 Point
    Earn each Feat in ranked matche
    Were They Even Trying, – 25 Point
    Win a ranked match while holding the enemy team to less than half your team’s V
    Gotta Cap ‚Em All – 25 Point
    Capture each Control Point at least once in a game on a large ma
    Fashionista – 10 Point
    Customize your armor typ
    Get to da Choppa – 15 Point
    Survive against the Elimination DC
    Oh, the Irony – 10 Point
    Repair a Supply Depot to full healt
    Mission Possible – 35 Point
    Participate in each DCM successfully in ranked matche
    Money in the Banana Stand – 15 Point
    Purchase every Vehicle and Deployabl

    Theres a Secret Achievement:
    My Little Friend – 0 Point
    Kill an enemy with a Micro Beaco
    For more E-mail M

    How To Kill The The Enemy Vip Fast:

    First Type Disable Purchasingrestrictions and god First Find Where The Vip Is Landing
    Then Put Minigun Turrets Around And When The Vip Drops Your Minigun Turrets Will Attack
    Him And Be Killed Fast!!

    How To Destroy An Enemy Outpost Instantly:

    First Type god Then Let The Enemy Use The Beacon Then When It’s Used Go There And Wait
    Till The Outpost Is Dropped Because Your On God Mode The Outpost Will Be Instantly Destroyed!!

    How To Win Easy In Whiteout(Large):

    When you are on the landing airplane (Dropship) Go To Tacnet Then Press ~ Then type
    Enablecheats Then An Ad Appear And Press Okay There Then Type God Then Drop On A
    Control Point Press Okay Then Type Allammo,Disablepurchasingrestrictions Then Capture
    The Control Point And Put Defenses Like Mt(Minigun Turret) Mst(Missile Turret) And Sd
    (Supply Depots) Then Capture All Control Points (Leave On For The Enemy) Then Put
    Defenses On That Control Points You Captured (For Me I Land On 1 Then Jetpack To 3
    and 4)Then Find Some Place That Really Suits For A Base (I Put A Base On The Elevator
    Between 1 And 3 Then I Put 4 Sd on the Blue Box Then Call mechs On The Cliff I Put
    An AA Turret And Sensor Array near the Mountain And Put Mt on the upper entrance(Exit)
    of the elevator And Put Defenses)Then put Mechs(Bikes) on anywhere then Enter Every
    vehicle you called Put An AA Turret So no Enemy Can Drop in And Put A sensor Array
    So You Will Know The Enemy Closing In Your Bas

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