Shadowrun: Dragonfall

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Cheat Codes:

Press [Alt] + [F1], [Ctrl] + [F1], [Alt] + ~, or [Ctrl] + ~ during
game play, then enter one of the following code

Add karma to current player – addKarma [number]
Add AP – addAP [number]
Active player dies – suicide
End team’s turn – endturn
Superspeed, cannot be shot, higher damage – toggleGodMode
Kills all enemies within indicated radius – slaughter [number]
Kills all visible enemies – deathray
Every action has 100% to hit – toggleNeverMiss
Regenerate random selection of hirelings – refreshHiring
Restores AP – restoreAP
Set HP to indicated amount – setHP [number]
Stun all visible enemies – stunray

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