• Shadowrun: Hong Kong

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    Cheat Codes:

    Press Alt+F1 to activate debug mod Click on CMD at the top-left corner of
    the screen and type in the commands below to activat Where you see X just
    put in a numbe

    Effect Code
    Add AP X amount – addAP X
    Add X amount of karma to current player – addKarma X
    Causes the active player to die – suicide
    End the turn of team – endturn
    Every action has a 100% hit chance – toggleNeverMiss
    Gives superspeed, invulnerability, high damage – toggleGodMode
    Kills all enemies in a radius X – slaughter X
    Kills all visible enemies – deathray
    Restores AP – restoreAP
    Set HP X amount – setHP X
    Stuns all visible enemies – stunray

    Console Codes:
    While playing in debug mode, Press [ALT]+F1 and you’ll open a consol Click
    on the „Cheats” icon from there and then you can enter the following cheats
    for the corresponding effect

    Code Effect
    God= God Mode
    +AP= Additional action points
    +HP= Additional health
    -AP= Fewer action points
    -HP= Less health
    +2k= Add +2 karma points
    warp = Unknown
    clr= Modify character skin tone
    +¥ = Add 500 currency
    -¥ = Subtract 500 currency
    mov(percentage) = Increase/decrease your running speed by amount specified, outside of combat
    all(percentage) = Increase/decrease movement speed for everything in the game by amount specified

    Use the indicated passcodes at the listed locations:

    Location Passcode

    -=Walled City
    Smuggler’s Den – 5465
    Strangler Bao – 6378

    -=Repulse Bay Hotel
    Penthouse apartment #2, Neville Ma – 1635

    -=Emperor’s Museum
    System password – Tennyson
    Bookself – Tennyson

    -=Misdirection – Ares mission
    Taylor’s door – 98144
    Hardingham’s door – 23847

    -=Bad Qi
    Mainframe – 8484

    -=The Extraction
    Locked Emporium door – 00006
    Mistress’s front door – 112798

    -=Prosperity Tower
    Floor B3 uniform locker – 2627
    Floor B3 first aid station – 4990
    Special Projects device operations – Prodigal
    Floor 49 containment door – 1915
    Equipment room – 8974
    Floor 12 access code, part 1 – 44526
    Floor 12 access code, part 2 – 25301

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