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    Cheat Codes:
    Hit ALT and \ at the same time to be able to enter
    these codes:

    Code Effect
    GARBLE – Garble cheat codes toggle
    WILLNOTSTOP – Invincibility
    ARNOLD – All weapons
    SLUGS – All ammo
    SURGERY – Full health
    SUPERUZI – Get the Super UZI
    TARGET – Enables targeting box on enemies
    ILLBEBACK – Skips to next scene
    NITROUS – Speeds up game
    ICANTSEE – Shows viewscreen
    WHOAMI – Shows your name
    COUNTERS – Shows current co-ordinates
    VERSION – Shows version
    HELLO – Shows message: Hello?
    SUPERTRACKER – Motion tracker (Version 1.01 only)
    JOYCAM – Switches to third person.(only in multiplayer)

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