Skyward Collapse

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Cheat Codes:

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then „My profile”,
then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

Achievement How to unlock
Adamantine – Place the Adamantine toke
Andvarinaut – Place the Andvarinaut token
Apollo’s Bow – Place the Apollo’s Bow toke
Apollo’s Lyre – Place the Apollo’s Lyre toke
Ares’ Helmet – Place the Ares’s Helmet toke
Ares’ Serpent – Place the Serpent toke
Ares’ Spear – Place the Ares’s Spear toke
Athena’s Owl – Place the Athena’s Owl toke
Brokkr – Place the Brokkr toke
Caduceus – Place the Caduceus toke
Delos – Place the Delos toke
Draupnir – Place the Draupnir toke
Eitr – Place the Eitr toke
Eldhrimnir – Place the Eldhrimnir toke
Fenrir – Place the Fenrir toke
Gugnir – Place the Gugnir toke
Gulltoppr – Place the Gulltoppr toke
Hebe – Place the Hebe toke
Heimdall’s Horn – Place the Heimdall’s Horn toke
Hera’s Diadem – Place the Hera’s Diadem toke
Hera’s Peacock – Place the Hera’s Peacock toke
Hlidskjalf – Place the Hlidskjalf toke
Hofund – Place the Hofund toke
Hugin and Munin – Place the Hugin and Munin toke
Ullr’s Bone – Place the Ullr’s Bone toke
Ullr’s Bow – Place the Ullr’s Bow toke
Yggdrasil – Place the Yggdrasil toke

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