Sniper – Path of Vengeance

Sniper – Path of Vengeance

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Jojjan
Submitted by: nightraider

During the game press ~ to bring down the console then
type a command. Each command is a toggle, 1 to turn it
on, 0 to turn it off.

Commands Result
god (0/1) – God mode
fullstamina (0/1) – Unlimited Stamina
invisible (0/1) – Invisible to the AI
DrawPaths (0/1) – Draw Engine Paths
DrawKilledCount (0/1) – Draw number ofkills
DrawPostacPaths (0/1) – Draw some other engine paths

Submitted by: lonerider

To enable cheats in V2.33 you must add the lines God 1
FullStamina 1 to the autoexec.cfg file.the console doesnt work
in this version.