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    Cheat Codes:

    Start a new game, then hold [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Home] to display the cheat men
    Open the console, type Help, you’ll get the list of all console commands:

    code Effect
    Clear – Clear the Consol
    Show_On_Error – Toggles whether to show the console when an error occur
    Show_Timestamp – Establishes whether or not to show the time stamp for each comman
    Help – shows a list of all commands availabl
    Set_Font_Size – Sets the font size of the consol
    Show_Verbose – Sets true or false the property Verbos
    ShowDebugLog – establishes whether or not to show Unity Debug Lo
    Exit or Quit – exits the gam
    Take_all_land – Claims the intire plot
    Write_error – Shows all errors that has occured during this sav
    Toggle_Lights – Toggles whether lamps should allways be o
    Unlock_Furniture – Unlock all furniture
    Spawn_Guest – Spawn a guest, that appears in the game for a receptionis
    Toggle_Skyscrapers – Toggle whether skyscrapers should become see-throug
    Max_Employee_Stats – Maxes the states of all selected employee Open the „Staff management” menu and click „Select All” if you want the code to have an effect on all employee
    Spawn_Car – Spawn the specified amount of cars, which park somwhere for a couple of minutes and drives of
    Add_Money – Spawn the specified amount of mone
    Add_Funs – Spawn the specified amount of fun
    Clear_dirt – clears dirt in all romm
    Skip_Days – Skip the specified anount of dayThis might freeze the game for a whil
    Skip_Hours – Skip the specified amount of hour
    Skip_to – Skip the specified hour between 0 and 2
    Age_Employees – Ages all selected employees the specified amount of mont Type 24 after the code if you want to add two years to the employee’s ag Type -24 after the code if you want to reduce the employee’s age by two year
    Reload_Furniture – Reload all moded furniture with immediate effec
    Furniture_Debug – Toggle whether to show build(red->cyan) and nav(green->pink) boundary, interaction points(blue) and snap points(yellow) of the selected furnitur
    Furniture_Thumbnail – generates a thumbnail for the specified furnitur Only works in the Main Men
    Toggle_Ceiling – Toggles the generation of ceiling meshes of first person mod
    Might need a reload and has performance impac
    Reload_mod – Reloads the specified mod, but not for the currently running gam

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