• Sorcerian

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    Open the dragons lair:
    Submitted by: David K

    Get a party with members that are all at level 14 or greater.

    Characters do not age:
    Create a character and age him until the first year he is considered
    old by the game. For a Fighter or Wizard, this is 60 years old, for
    a Dwarf 100 years old, and for and Elf 200 years old. Use that character
    to battle and have him die. Allow that character to stay dead for 20
    years. Take him to town and have the magician resurrect him. If done
    correctly, this should only have a 10% chance of success.
    If he is successfully brought back, though, he will no longer age.
    Use Rejuvenate to bring him to a desirable age.

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