Space Siege

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Space Siege

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Robert
Submitted by: RM

Press {ENTER} during game play, type in one of the
following codes, then press {ENTER} again to activate
the cheat function.

Code Result
heal – Full health and energy
god – God mode
killplayer – Suicide
parts 99999 – for max parts
alldevices – Max Out Inventory Materials
parts # – Give Parts (# = amount)
healthpacks # – Give Health Packs (# = amount)
allweapons – All Weapons
allabilities – All Abilities
skillpoints # – Give Skill Points (# = amount)
resetskills – Reset Skill Tree
brucesmash – One Hit Kills
onesmallstepforman – Give Space Suit
addcyber all – Get All Weapons
equipcyber all – Equip All Cybernetic Parts
equipcyber <part name> – Equip cybernetic part
removecyber <part name> – Remove cybernetic part
adddevice <device> <amount> – Get indicated amount of specified device
equipweapon <name> – Get indicated weapon

Press {ENTER} and type addcyber [part] to give cybernetics.
Type equipcyber [part] to equip. Type removecyber [part] to
remove. Parts can be eye, arm, hand, legs, brain, chest,
spine or all.

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