Star Wars – Jedi Knight – Dark Forces 2

Star Wars – Jedi Knight – Dark Forces 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: david
mailto:[email protected]

To enter these codes, press t while playing, then type
the one of the words below.

Code Effect
jediwannabe 1 – Enable God mode
jediwannabe 0 – Disable God mode
red5 – All weapons
wamprat – All items
eriamjh – Flight mode
bactame – Full health
yodajammies – Full mana
sithlord – Dark Jedi
imayoda – Light Master
raccoonking – All force powers
5858lvr – Reveal map
deeznuts – Level Skip
pinotnoir x – Warp to level X [1-21]
slowmo on – Slow motion
slowmo off – Resume normal speed
thereisnotry – End level
whiteflag1 – Disable AI
whiteflag0 – Enable AI
thereisnotry – Level skip
deeznuts – Increase Force level
slowmo 1 – Slow motion
slowmo 0 – Disable slow motion
pinotnoir 1 – Restart level with current weapons
pinotnoir 0 – Disable level restart
iamthebestjedi – Upside down mode

Dark Forces 2 – Jedi Knight – Easter Eggs:
On level 5, navigate the canal until you reach the city. Enter the
first building and go upstairs. Go back down the back stairwell and
quickly run (Jedi Speed helps) around the corner towards the bridge.
Right after you turn the corner, a woman will open a door which is
normally locked for just a second. Quickly slip inside and youll
find the coffee achiever himself looking about, pistol in hand,
ready to kick stormtrooper butt! Go all the way to the end, to where
you have to jump off the moving gantry onto the ledge on the ship.
When you complete the jump successfully, you have a split second to
do something. Turn 180 degrees and fall off the ledge. There, on the
end of the receeding platform, is Maxs face, three times!

Multi-player game without being connected:
Go to the multi-player option and configure your game. Click on Host
game. Use a serial connection for direct play. Select Ok in the
boxes. The level will load you can wander around or kill yourself.

Floating Sequencer Charges:
Note: To do this trick you need to be in a level where there is a force
field that you can turn off. Have some Sequencer Charges on hand and save
the game. Turn on the force field and set the Sequencer Charge on it using
secondary fire. This will probably take some of your shields. When the
charger is set, run over to the switch and turn it off. Move back and you
will see that the Sequencer Charge is floating in mid air.

Dark Side Ending:
The game has two different ending cinematics. It depends whether you choose
the light side or dark side. That selection must be made at the exact place,
and that is in between the cinematics when you do or do not kill Jen,
depending upon your leaning towards dark/light side.
As you may have noticed, you get stars per certain missions that allow you
to upgrade your jedi skills. At first, there will only be available some
general skills for upgrade, and later in the game you will be able to upgrade
light jedi and dark jedi skills. However, if you spend your stars every time
you get them, there is no way you will have enough of them to select dark
skills which will result into making your selection of a dark side. Hence,
you must save at least two (or better four) extra stars before you even get
the ability to select the sides. Otherwise, you will lack the stars to choose
the dark side.
Also note that you may fight different characters if you play on the light/
dark side. Light side will add you some four to six extra cinematics, though.