Street Fighter Zero 2

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Street Fighter Zero 2

To Fight Mid-Game Boss
Defeat first four characters in 2 rounds with Super Combos
Finished or Super Art Finish (Custom Combos), Then you will
against your mid-game boss. (you cannot lose a match)

To Fight Shin Akuma
Defeat all characters with Super Combos or Super Art Finished
(Custom Combos) and get at least 3 rounds of Perfect victory,
after that, Shin Akuma will appear before your fight against
the last boss. (You can lost a match, but dont lose a round.
(P/S : Not sure if use non-original Colour)

To Select the Original Chun Li (S.S.F.2.Turbo)
On player selection Screen, move the cursor to Chun Li, then
hold the Select button about 5 sec. and press any key.

To Select Shin Akuma
On player selection Screen, move the cursor to Akuma, then hold
the Select button and move the cursor over Adon, Chun Li, Guy,
Rolento, Sakura, Rose, Birdie, Akuma, M.Bison, Dan, Akuma and
press any key. (On Akuma, hold Select D,R,R,D,L,D,L,D,R,R,R
[a BIG Z letter] and press any key)

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