Street Hacker

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Street Hacker

Submitted by: Toba

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Effect Code
Steal $5,000 from a random user = internet fraud rules
Connect to the Internet = com open
Get all security login credentials = swordfish
Skip past the demo = down with the demo
Skip to night = evil sunlight
Skip to day = who needs sleep
Acquire all software solution programs = i dont pay for software
Get admins off your back = timed out
Refresh street with new merchants = rush hour
Computer login no longer required = administrator
Computer login required = guest
Decrypt and uncompress all local files = decipher
Acquire very nice notebook = overclock

$500,000 in your bank account:
Create an account named acid burn. In game it will appear as acid_burn.

Passing the first test:
When you receive the e-mail from Demetrius, go to the net and type pscan:(followed
by the IP on the mail received), then type connect:(followed by the number of the
ip given):5 and you are in. Thenm type c:\ and then documents\ to will see the
file to download. Type download:(followed by the name of the file) and you will
receive the file. Go to you e-mail and reply to the message that Demitrius sent
to you. Attach c:\downloads\(followed by the filename) and send the message.

Kody do gier

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