• Strife: Veteran Edition

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    Cheat Codes:

    Easy „Berserk Reborn” achievement:
    The three talismans are located at the following location

    -=Blue talisman=-
    Play Map 12 „The Temple of the Oracle After speaking with the Oracle, a
    door will open in the previous roo The talisman can be found behind this

    -=Green talisman=-
    Play Map 25 „Catacombs: Ruined Temple There is a secret room behind one
    of the wall decorations near the water fountai Inside are four pillar
    Activate the broken pillar to reveal the talisma

    -=Red talisman=-
    Speak to Timothy several times in Map 23 „Order Commons He will eventually
    ask you to retrieve a blue chalice which is located in Map 21 „Factory:
    Manufacturing After returning it to Timothy, go to Map 22 „Factory: Forge”
    and speak to Mastery Smith He will open a door leading to the secret level,
    Map 35 „Factory: Production Defeat every crusader there for the red talisman
    to appear at the very end of the leve

    After all three talismans are collected, your melee attacks will gain a
    significant damage boos

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