SUGURI – Perfect Edition

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Cheat Codes:

Unlockables: Acceleration of SUGURI and X-Edition – Extra stories:
By clearing the Arcade mode (Acceleration of SUGURI and X-Edition) without
using any continues, you can unlock an Extra story for certain characters
of the gam The Extra stories can only be unlocked for Suguri, Saki, Iru,
Nanako, Kae, Kyoko and Sor

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Extra Story for Iru – Clear Arcade mode as Saki without using a continu
Extra Story for Kae – Clear Arcade mode as Kae without using a continue
Extra Story for Kyoko – Clear Arcade mode as Kyoko without using a continu
Extra Story for Nanako – Clear Arcade mode as Nanako without using a continu
Extra Story for Saki – Clear Arcade mode as Iru without using a continu
Extra Story for Sora – Clear Arcade mode as Sora without using a continu
Extra Story for Suguri – Clear Arcade mode as Suguri without using a continu

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