• Super Cyborg

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    Cheat Codes:

    40 lives:
    Quickly press [Left] two times, [Right] two times, [Up] [Down] two times
    [Up] [Down] [Jump] three times at the title scree A sound will confirm
    correct code entr Start a new game to begin with forty live

    Level select:
    Press [Main Fire], [Jump] two times, [Alternate Fire] [Up] [Right] [Down]
    [Left] [Up] [Right] [Down] [Left] at the title scree

    Weapon select:
    Pause game play, then press [Right] [Jump] [Left] [Jump] [Up] [Main Fire]
    [Up] [Main Fire] [Alternate Fire

    Easy „Devil’s colors” achievement:
    Start a new game and choose 6/6/6/6 as your character’s color

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