• Super DX-Ball Deluxe

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    Easter Eggs:

    Unlock Classic Dx-Ball 1 (1996) Board Pack {50 Boards}:

    In the main menu click on the rounding 3D ball appears
    between Dx~Bal

    [Hint ~ = 3D Ball

    Unlock MegaBall AGA Board Pack {20 Boards}:

    In the powerup section click on MegaBall poweru

    Special Situations:

    Gold Ball Mode – If a ball has hit a gold brick, but has not
    hit any other kind of brick for too long, the
    ball turns yellow and all gold bricks become
    breakabl Also all multi-hit bricks are
    breakable with one hit (glass, metal, pink gold

    Gold Ball Mode also triggers when a ball is trapped
    in a loo Every board is beatable, if you
    are patien

    Act of God – The last brick on the board will be destroyed if it
    takes too long to hit i You will hear a zapping
    sound that keeps getting loude then eventually
    a lightning bolt will blow-up the bric

    I also created a trainer for Super DX-Ball Delux

    Type DX-Trainer in the subject lin

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