Tactical Intervention

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Cheat Codes:

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then „My profile”,
then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

Achievement Description
Aggravated Assault : Kill 50 players via melee bashin
AK47 Expert : 500 Kills with the AK47 Assault Rifl
Assault & Battery : Kill 100 players via melee bashin
Aug Expert : 500 Kills with the AUG Assault Rifl
Bag Collector : Pickup 200 Ammo Bag
Bekas Expert : 200 Kills with Bekas Shotgu
BigMoneySpending : Spend 400,000 Game Point
Blind Justice : Eliminate a Terrorist while Blind Firin
Blind Luck : Eliminate a Counter-Terrorist while Blind Firin
Bomb Squad : Defuse 100 Bomb
Candy Striper : Win 100 Round
Carved out of Wood : Win 5000 Round
Century: Win 100 Matche
CEO : Spend 200,000 Game Point
Clear Shot : Eliminate someone using a civilian as a shield, without harming the civilia
Consumer Rage : Kick 100 Shopping Trolley
Cookie Dough : Win 500 Round
Cry Me a River: Tear Gassed 5 times in one matc
Derpin’ With Turpin : As a passenger in a car, headshot an enemy in another car with a sniper rifl
Doctor : Give 10000 Healt
DS58 Obliterate : 500 kills with the DSA58 Assault Rifl
First Match : Win your first matc
First Promotion : Earned first promotio
Flasher: Flashed an entire squad of enemie
FP6 Expert : 200 Kills with the FP6 Shotgu
Frequent Shopper : Win 500 rounds of Mal
G36K Expert : 500 Kills with the G36K Assault Rifl
Gang Banger : 500 Kills with the UZ
Grand Theft Auto : Car-Jack 50 NPC Car
GSR1911 Expert: 100 kills with the GSR191
Hard Labour : Win 500 rounds of Constructio
He’s Dead, Jim: Heal a teammate while they are being shot and kille
Holy Human Fly: Rappelled down a floor 200 time
Mad Bomber : Arm 100 Bomb
Makin’ Bacon : Ignite 3 or more Counter-Terrorists with one Incendiary Grenad
Marksman : 500 headshots with sniper rifle
Matchbox 50 : Win 50 Matche
Medic: Heal 5000 points of Damag
Road Rage! : Honk your horn 50 time
Roadkill : Drive over 50 enemie
RPG7 Expert : 50 Kills with RPG
Saviour: Give 50000 Healt
The Hedgehog : Roll Over 5k
Transit Authority : Win 500 rounds of Flash Metr
Vertec Expert : 100 kills with the Vertec Pisto
XD45 Expert : 200 kills with the XD45 Automatic Pisto

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