• The Adventures Of Robbo

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    Cheat Codes:

    Cheat mode:
    Type front242 at the title scree You can now press [Tab] to advance
    to the next leve Doing this during the final level will advance to
    the ending sequenc Additionally, you can enter passwords in the format
    LEVELto advance directly to that plane For example, LEVELF
    will now be a valid password to reach System

    System B:
    Press [F3] at the title screen to display the password entry scree
    Then, enter WEJWER as a passwor

    Activate Easy System Passwords and Planet Skip:
    While on the title screen (not in the password entering screen), type
    in ” FRONT242 This does two things: 1) All System passwords change
    to „LEVEL” followed by the corresponding letter of the System you wish
    to go t For , you can type in LEVELA, LEVELB, LEVELC, and so on,
    all the way up through LEVEL Unlike the „FRONT242” code, these codes
    are entered in at the password entering screen (to get to the password
    entering screen, press F3 while on the title screen 2) The second
    thing this does is it activates the TAB key, allowing you to press TAB
    to take you to the next level (a „planet” This can even be used
    on the very last level to skip straight to the game’s en
    Note: This cheat only stays active until you exit the gam Upon exiting
    and restarting the game, you will have to activate it again if you wish
    to use i

    System Passwords:
    When the title screen appears (saying Adventures of Robbo), press F3
    to go to the password screen and enter one of the following codes, then
    press ente

    Effect Password
    System A – MINMIN
    System B – WEJWER
    System C – PUWSEX
    System D – NONDYR
    System E – TYNJES
    System F – WOKSER
    System G – FOBZUR
    System H – XIOZUS
    System I – SERBIS
    System J – GYTSIU
    System K – LOLISO
    System L – OCOZUS
    System M – DASHYP
    System N – ZEKMAT
    System O – FUXSER

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