The Adventures of Shuggy

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Steam achievements:

Castle Reclaimed (10 points) – Defeated the guardian of the clocktowe
Dungeon Perfectionist (20 points) – Completed all of the dungeon level
Boiler Room Perfectionist (20 points) – Completed all of the boiler room level
Ninja (10 points) – Completed „In One Way” in less than 16 second
Face The Fear (10 points) – Completed „Spike Dodging” without using the teleporte
Abridged (10 points) – Completed „Extending Platform” without using the rop
Shmu Herder (10 points) – Completed a level containing Shm
Master Of Time (10 points) – Completed a time travel leve
Teamwork (40 points) – Completed all the Coop level
Gallery Perfectionist (20 points) – Completed all of the gallery level
Graveyard Perfectionist (20 points) – Completed all of the graveyard level
Clock Tower Perfectionist (20 points) – Completed all of the clocktower level

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