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How to Reveal the King of the Rabbits:
Written by Leelee.

I’m going to show you how to reveal the king of rabbits! This is the
achievement that I struggled with so much, when it was quite simple
the whole time.

-=How to Reveal the King=-
* This is all going to be done in the first level of the game,
Lavender Mountains.
* Within this map, there are spots where you can find rabbits. If you
get too close to them, however, they will start to run away from you.
* If you manage to get close enough to the rabbit and touch them, they
will make a squealing noise.
* Once you have tickled all of the rabbits, the achievement will be
granted to you, and you can go see the King!

* So you’ve revealed the King! But wait, there’s more!
* Located underneath the rabbit is a shiny rainbow-colored egg.
* Go ahead and touch the egg for a little surprise!

Kody do gier

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