The Last Stand 2

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The Last Stand 2

Auto shotgun:
Submitted by: RM

If you use a machine gun, hold [Shoot] and switch weapons. You will now have
a machine shotgun. This is useful when you are in trouble.
When you got no more ammunition for the shotgun, reload (R) then press [Esc].
Your character will still be reloading the gun while the zombies are paused.
Press [Esc] to resume the game when he is done reloading.

Hint Union City:
Submitted by: TheLastStand2

To get the rpg, u must get to the place below union city. search for items
from all the weapon store there.

Submitted by: justin

If you get stuck on a level that you keep dying on, or you dont have any survivors
left use the hunting goes through multiple zombies and is usually a one
shot kill. and u dont get anything if you reach the deadline so just take your time
and have fun.

Submitted by: chris

Sometimes when your in the midle of the game pause the game do somthieg else on your
computer for 2 minutes then ti turns daylight.

Submitted by: logan

Dont go to the farm with a pop of 1000 zoombies will almost always kill you if your
not good.

Submitted by: brian julian

ok,this is a short way… have granades and gas tanks put two gas tanks buy each
otherthrogh granade then BOOM! Press esc QUICK!!it with keep blowing up and keep
killing all zombies around them…GOOD LUCK

Submitted by: Anti-Zombie

There are a few weapons you can only get in a few places so dont expect to get
every weapon at one point or another.

Submitted by: Bob

When you get ak47 and M4 use them both then when your in game hold shoot and tap
space and hold down shoot.

Submitted by: Angel

Reaload faster to reaload faster when you start to reload press R rapidly and fast
then hell reaload faster.

Submitted by: Mr. Pants

If you pause the game while your survivors are reloading, they keep reloading and
when you unpause they start shooting again. If you right click and turn redraw
regions on, little red boxes appear over most movement. You can see/shoot zombies
before they even come out the door!

Submitted by: awd

When you have the ak47 and grenades, shoot with the ak and quickley tap thespacebar.
you will unlock the rpg.

Submitted by: Randon Martinez

Pick the chainsaw as your main weapon and the revolver as your backup then click
accept and when the screen turns black swith to the revolver and you then have
50 ammunition on it.

Submitted by: storm

Last stand 1/2. When pickingplaces too search always pick either store or police
ect just not housed because they usaly have jack.

Submitted by: callum grygoruk

what Randon Martinez said about the chainsaw and the revolver works with all weponds
so you can make the machinegun wich (200 ammo) as your main wepon and roket launcher
(one ammo) as your second and switch wepons as the screen truns black after your
chosen your weaponds and pressed the acept buton and your roket launcher will have
200 ammo.

Submitted by: ZombieKiller808

For last stand 2,to get a better start and have many days to reach union city when
your picking your hours in the first city your in, pick at least 2-3houses/apartments,
and gaurantee you will have at least 2-3 survivors,and i know people are saying only
pick police, sherif,store,etc.Well sometimez there wrong because most houses and
apartments do have some survivors left,and without at least three survivors then you
wouldnt be able to fight off the zombies and watch out for the zombiez with weapons
especially the ones that run they would most likely kill your survivors, so stay
close to your survivors with something useful. Most likely the chainsaw. Just follow
these strategies and you will most likely SUCEED in your mission.

Submitted by: Eli

This is like what random martinez said but use the compuond bow. Now you have an
automatic compuond bow.

Submitted by: Mendrez

To get the UMP45, in the map,you will see a fish right? Then on the left side of that
place go to that place then search gun store or big houses.

Submitted by: robert johnson

Reaload the shotgun so you have at least 2 shells loaded and when you shoot double
tap shoot and you will fire 2 shells without having 2 pump!

Submitted by: ZombieOwnzer

I finished playing my first round of TLS2, and the weapon I used most? Chainsaw. What
I like to do is get the chainsaw from the first town as soon as possible. Give all
your guns to the survivors, seeing as how they cant use the chainsaw. Usually, during
a mission, three or four zombies will rush in quickly. These are what I call runners.
Aim the blade at their heads and let loose with a round of zombie ownage. After that,
its quite simple. Try and use your survivors to pick off the slow zombies, and chainsaw
those who make it through or those who run really fast. Tata for now!

50 ammo:
Submitted by: mr fuzzy

when you have chainsaw put it in main weapon then use any other weapon in reserve,
then when the screen gos black press accept press space and you will have 50 ammo on any weapon
you chose[dont use it with guns that 50 or more ammo on it]

Submitted by: Whictimized

If you dont get shotgun this is not the hint for you. Get your self a shotgun and one or more
surrivors. What you do is shoot the people that run. The surrivors will kill the slowest ones.
So dont waste ammo on the slowest. The zombies that runs or got a middle speed SHOOT THEM.
Good luck. I hope you can do it.

Any Level:
Submitted by: BB

When faced with the SWAT team zombies, use the chainsaw and aim for thier face.
The SWAT team zomnies have padded armor, so the face is thier only weak spot.

Submitted by: Tuck harmer!

In the first town quickly find either the 357.magnum/chainsaw (try to get both in one try)
and give them to a survivor. i know that you might say… oh i can fire better than a
survivor but they reload a lot faster than you. this works best

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