The Pandora Directive

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From: Ashley Glenday

The Quick, Mostly-Frill-Free Solution To „Win”
The Pandora Directive

by Melanson
WARNING: This walkthrough only takes you on the „best” possible
pat There are multiple endings in the game; this will only
lead you to the best on Making even one mistake on this one
could dump you in one of the less „nice” endings; but hey, if
that’s your cup of java, be my gues

> Examine Fitzpatrick’s card in inventor Get the jacknif
Examine the jacknife in inventor Look at the can of dog foo
Look at the photo of Tex’s ex-wife lying face-down on the des
Open the top left hand drawer of the des Get the electronics
shop bil Examine it in inventor Go through the side door
to the bedroo Click on the striped hobby hors Go through
the door into the „rec roo” Get the newspaper clipping from
the left side of the second shelf of the computer desk (you may
have to raise your viewpoint to see it Look at the clipping
in inventor Go back to your office (through the bedroom Go
through the front door and down the fire escap Cross the
street and talk to Chelsee Band Use this conversation path:
A, then B, then Then try to make a date with her (use some
logic If you blow it, end the conversation, then talk to her
again, use any conversation opener, but after you ask her to
dinner, pick choice C („Play Down The Date Aspect” Go back to
the street and go to the mailbo Pick up the letter on the
cur Examine it in inventor Hey, come obe a nice guy
and put the envelope in the mailbo Now go to the ATM machine
next to the Electronics Sho Pick up the wallet on the stree
Examine it in inventor Go to the Ritz Hotel and go insid
Talk to Nil When he asks for rent payment, click on Cash
$4,000 in inventor Offer him the $2,100 you owe hi Then
make any dialogue attempt (nothing works), but then select A to
offer him another $10 Ask him about the newspaper clippin
End the conversatio Use the vending machin Go to the end
table next to the sofa and get the not Get the crossword
puzzle that’s on the sof Examine it in inventory and complete
i The answers are as follows:


Death Tract 1 Eros 1 Sap 1 Igor 1 Arr
1 Armor 1 Rue 1 Lotus Speeders 2 Trapp 2 Frets
2 Sir 2 Duo 2 Steer 3 Split 3 Martian Casino 3 Ala
3 Natal 3 Oat 4 Cots 4 Asp 4 Anne 4 Knots
4 Asses


DealtErrorAortaTS Campy
RI Agree Court 1 Tress 1 SRS 1 Poe
1 Aspirin 1 Refusal 2 Upset 2 Drops 2 Smack
2 Talon 2 Erato 2 Antsy 3 Lions 3 Inane
3 Totes 3 AAA 3 Cap 4 ST

Once the puzzle is finished, put it in the mailbox near the
lobby’s front doo Go to the stree Walk around to the side
of the hotel, then through the gate into the alle Climb the
fire escape to the top windo Open the window and climb
through into the hallwa Go down one flight of stair Find
the door to room „A” and look at the security keypa Go back
down to the hotel lobb Talk to Nilo; pick any dialogue
selectio Choose either „plead for mercy” or „refuse
assertively” to get the code fre Ask about the code for
Apartment Then offer his wallet to him to get some more
point Go back upstairs to Apartment Click on the security
keypad, then click on the numbers 4, 8, 2, 7, then Ente The
door unlocks; go ahead in (and get knocked ou Oh wel)
This ends day on

> You wake up still in the apartmen Open the top box on the
far lef Take the book „Airport Of The God” Examine it in
inventor Go to the nightstan Get the lette Examine the
letter in inventor Open the drawer of the nightstan Get
the pawn ticke Go to the be Get the scarf, and examine it
in inventor Move the cushion on the chai Get the pictur
Look at the picture in inventor Go to the drafting tabl
Open the top drawe Get the ACME business car Open the
second drawe Get the envelop Examine the envelope in
inventor Examine the letter that comes from the envelop
Open the fourth drawe Examine it in inventor Note the
writing on the bac Exit the roo Travel to the Street and
go into Rook’s Pawnsho Talk to Rook and select either A or B
in the first set of dialogue choice Then if Rook doesn’t say
you „made his dreams come true,” use any conversation choices
until Rook asks for the money he owethen pay him $30 Then
give Rook the pawnshop ticke Pay him $250 for the pawned
ite End the conversation and go back to Chandler Avenu Go
to the open manhole by the ACME Warehous Climb down the
ladde Walk down the sewer (ewww Open the first box on the
right-hand sid Take out the chise Keep going down the
passage, then turn left and follow the passage around a corner
to the sewer’s en Just before you get to the ladder area,
there’s a box sitting just out of the water on the left side
ledg Move it, then get the money bel Examine it in
inventory to get $30 Climb the ladder, then go to the Brew &
Ste Talk to Louie until you can offer from inventory; then
pay up the $200 you ow Then ask Louie about the scar Ask
about the yound blonde woman, then about the newspaper photo of
Mallo Offer Louie the untranslated lette End the
conversatio Go to Clint’s Cocoa Cabana (it’s to the left of
the Golden Gate Hotel at the opposite end of the street) Talk
to Clint, and open with dialogue choice Then offer Clint the
untranslated lette Ask about Emily, Gus Leach, and Gus
Leach’s ke End the conversatio Go to the delivery gate at
the rear of the Fuchsia Flaming Open the door and enter the
alle Use Leach’s key to unlock the back door labelled
„Employees Only!” Open the door and go insid Talk to Gus
Leac Give him his key back, and then use any conversation
path EXCEPT B, then C, then that’ll put you on the „darkest”
path (this place is strong with the dark side, Luk) You’ll
hand over the scarf and wind up back in the alle Now go to
Chelsee’s Apartmen Talk to Chelsee (you’re in trouble, you
kno) and choose conversation path B, then A, then B, then
Well, you’ll wind up at the Fuchsia Flamingo agai Pick any
conversation path to close out day tw

> Assuming you’ve done everything right up to this point, you
should wind up having an interesting scene with Chelsee at this
point (when day 3 opens and you’re brushing your teeth, of all
things Go ahead and do ALMOST anything with the conversation
but do not, repeat, do NOT PICK „TOTAL SLAM” or „NOT INTERESTED
IN LOVE” when they appear as dialogue choice That would be
ba Now, in inventory, examine Emily’s note scrap Assemble
the scraps to read the not You can flip each scrap after you
pick it up using the left and right arrow key The note should
read three line”I’m Watching You” „I Take Pictures” and „Be
Afraid” followed by a black arrow at the botto Go to the
front door and pick up the mai Examine the mail in inventory
to find the prize letter (that crossword puzzle came in handy
after all!) Go to Rook’s Pawnsho Start off the conversation
however you want, then ask Rook about the Yucatec languag Pay
him $30 for the book „Yucatec Made Easy” (don’t ask me why he
has such a weird book, it’s a GAME!) End conversatio In
inventory, combine the book with the untranslated letter to get
a translated lette Examine the translated letter in
inventor Go to the Cabin on your North America travel ma
Pick up the crumpled page near the tree in the corne Examine
it in inventory; read i Go to the end table and get the C
Climb the stairs and move the painting by the doo Look at the
security keypa Go back to your office, to your computer
(„rec”) roo Put the CD in the laptop compute Fill in the
4×4 grid with colored squares like this:

Yellow White Blue Red
Blue RedGreen Yellow
Green Yellow White Blue
White Blue RedGreen

A combination of squares will appea Click on „Next” to read
the notes, articles, and excerpt Then click on Exit and go
back to the cabi Go to the security keypa „Move” it to see
it in close-u Enter in the keypad combination, then click on
Ente (The combination, in case you didn’t note it down when
solving the above puzzle, is as followclick on the squares
marked „X”)


ROW 1 2 3 4



3 X

4 X

(Note: These correspond to the „lightest” color in each row of
the puzzle solution on the CD, in case you didn’t notice) Now
go through the security doo Move the loose floorboard Pull
down the movie scree Open the left door of the cabine Get
the 16mm reel of fil Put the reel on the projecto Turn on
the projecto Oh greaAlien Autopsy, part XII, Where’s
Jonathan Frakes, Anyway, travel to the Police Station on the
San Francisco Travel Ma

> Talk to Mac Malden and use any conversation pat Once you
get to the Ask About list, offer him Emily’s note from
inventor Then end the conversation and head back to the Brew
& Ste Talk to Louie; follow any conversation path until you
can Ask About thing Then ask about the Black Arrow killer,
then the Bay City Mirro End the conversation; go to the
stree Go to the alley behind Rook’s Pawnsho Open the trash
can which is just to the right of the drain spout on the brick
wal Take the newspape Examine it in inventor Click on
the Black Arrow killer articl Enter Rook’s Pawnshop (use the
back door from the alley Talk to Rook and ask him about Lucia
Pernel Look at Pernell’s business car Go back to your
offic Go to your desk and turn on the vidphon Click on
Lucia Pernell in the director Click on the dial button, then
use conversation path C, then A, then B, then Click the exit
button and go back to the Brew & Ste You wind up back at your
office, having noticed somebody on the roof of Rusty’s Fun House
(oh no, not AGAIN!) Go to the street and go to the front of
Rusty’s Fun Hous Look at the front door to see the cop loc
Go to the police statio Ask Max Malden about Rusty’s Fun
House, then about Rusty’s Ke End conversation and go back to
Rusty’s Fun Hous Walk to the front door and use the key on
the front doo Deactivate the lock by clicking on the device
ends (the nodes on the ends of the first, third, fifth, and
seventh rows): First row left side, first row right side, third
row left side,seventh row right side, fifth row left side, third
row right side, seventh row left side, fifth row right
sidthis will deactivate the lock fast enough to earn you 120
bonus point Go inside the fun house and go behind the low
shelf, which is in front of the mask Look for the pedal on
the floo Push i Go into the secret room that open Move
the newspaper on the floo Grea Fake dog doo-do Pick it
up (hey, it’s worth 2 points, why not,) Climb the ladder to the
roo Look at the water towe Get the jacket hanging on the
cooling uni Examine the jacket in inventor Examine the
cufflink in inventor Also examine the photo scraps in
inventory, then assemble them into a phot There should be a
street sign on the left, a garage door in the center that reads
„No Parking 24 HRS” and a door and parking meter to the righ
Go to the street, then to the Electronics Sho Use any
conversation path until you get to the option to Pay Zack
$1,23 Do i Look at all the items, then go talk to Zack
again and by the „photo analyze” (Visual Analyzing Apparatus)
for $7 End conversatio (Actually, if you’ve got the bucks
available now, also buy the Robco Battery Pack In inventory,
combine the VAA with the assembled photograp Examine the
combination in inventor Click the on/off button to activate
the devic Click on the street sign on the left to select an
area to magnif Click on the zoom-in button; it reads
„Barcelon” Zoom ou Then click on the front door just below
the Autotech sign to get the street number: 14 Go back to
your offic Call Lucia Pernell and ask about Sandra Collin
End conversation and go to Sandra Collins’ House on the San
Francisco ma Open the drawer in the nightstand and get the
resum In inventory, examine i Then pick up the Autotech
security card from the floor (near the left rear corner of the
sewing table Go to Autotec

> Get the hairbrush that’s on the coffee tabl Go to the
blinds and get the curtain cord hanging from the Check the
floor between the two chairs and get the visitor’s pas
Examine it in inventor Open the sliding window to the
reception are Maneuver yourself so you can see the clipboard
in a clear shot through the open window (not the glass) and grab
the clipboar Look at the clipboard, then in inventory,
combine the hairbrush with the curtain cord, then use the
combination on the clipboar Examine the clipboard in
inventor Go down the hall to the security door and look at
the scanner on the right-hand wal Use the visitor’s pass on
the scanner to get a close-u Type in the access code 8338,
then hit Ente Go through the security doo Now, you’ve got
about a minute before a security thug shows up and kills yo
You can hide from him by moving quickly from room to room, but
you can also get rid of hi To do so: Run down the hall to the
lef Open the first door on the lef Get the mop just inside
the doo Then get the box of soap from the top shel Go out
of the closet and run to the mop bucke Use the soap box on
the bucke Use the mop on the bucke Open the security alarm
door next to the bucket to set off the alar Then run back and
hide in the storage closephysical humor at the expense of a
thug! And an extra 50 points! Now go down the hallway to Dag
Horton’s offic Look at the nameplat Open the doo Get
the key sitting on top of the bookcase near the front edg
Look at it in inventor Move the book on the des Get the
sticky note Examine them in inventor Open the CD player on
the desk and get the file cabinet ke Open the bottom desk
drawer and get the necklac Examine it in inventor Use the
file cabinet key on the right hand file cabinet across the roo
Open the drawer and get the Llama matchbook ti Examine it in
inventor Examine the photos that you now ge Travel to the
Brew & Ste Talk to Louie (any dialogue path) until you can
ask about Gary Le End conversation, go to the alley behind
the Golden Gate Hote Find Crazy Gary and talk to hi Go
through any conversation path until you find out what he
wantScotc Exit the alley and go to the Slice O’Heaven
pizza join Go behind it to the „Exit” doo Open i Climb
the stairs and go to the end of the passagewa Move the top
box on the left-hand sid Open the bottom bo Take out the
bottle of Scotc Go back to the alley behind the Golden Gate
Hote Talk to Crazy Gary and choose „Make A Donatio” Give
him the Scotc Then ask about Dag Horton, the newspaper photo
of Malloy, and Malloy’s ke Go to the roof of the Fun Hous
Climb the ladder to the water towe Turn on the viewing device
for a good-size movie sequence that winds you up back on the
stree Go to Rook’s Pawnsho After Rook tells you about the
sound up on the roof, go out and travel to Rusty’s Fun House
roo SAVE THE GAMyou have a good chance at getting killed
here! Now, when the Black Arrow Killer turns away, sneak over
the wall and down the stairs to the lower section of the roo
Get down really low (use the Ctrl key to get as low as possible)
and hide behind the cooling uni If he sees you, you’re in
deep troubl Rise up very slowly and look just over the top of
the cooling uni Watch the Black Arrow Killer until he looks
in your directio As soon as he turns away, RUN at him as fast
as you cathis should trigger the ending movie for Day 3, and
the death of the Black Arrow Kille

> Well, after your grilling from Mac Malden, you should wind
up in your office with a phone message from Chelse Answer the
ringing video-phone on your desk to talk to Lucia Pernell; then
end converatio Go to Rusty’s Fun House Roo Climb the metal
stairs over and down to the lower level of the roo Get the
device the Killer dropped during the night before (tracking
device Go to the Sewers again (joy Examine the tracking
device in inventory, then turn it o Go to the end of the
sewer passage and turn lef Listen to the tracking device;
when it beeps quickest, turn to face the left wall, then move
the cursor over the wall until you find the movable bricthen
try to move i Use the chisel on i Look at the mine inside
(uh-oh Click on the mine to open the cove To deactivate
it: Click on the lighter-colored red cell and other red cells in
the right-hand chamber to load the shuttl Click on the
Shuttle Transfer butto Click on the lighter-colored green
cell and two other green cells in the left-hand chamber to load
the shuttle agai Then click the Shuttle transfer button
agai Click on the lighter-colored green cell and one red
cell, then the Shuttle Transfer butto Then click on the
lighter-colored red cell and one green cell, then the Shuttle
Transfe Then click on the lighter-colored red cell and the
other two remaining red cells in the right-hand chamber,
followed by Shuttle Transfer, and finally, the lighter-colored
green cell and the other two remaining green cells in the
left-hand chamber, followed by the Shuttle Transfe Take the
box out of the wall compartment, and go back to your offic
You’ll be grabbed by Jackson Cross’s me Save your game in
case something goes wrong her Use the conversation path: C,
C, B, C, B, A, B, C, B, You’ll lose Emily’s box but get
through this without getting kille You’ll wind up back in
your office, meet Regan Madsen (hmmnot bad at all! After
she leaves, examine her note in inventor Then you’ll get a
phone call from Chelse Go to the Fuchsia Flamingo, then talk
to Emil Ask her about Malloy, the box that was stolen from
her, and the brown paper wrappe End the conversatio Talk
to Gu Ask him about the brown paper wrappe End the
conversation, and exit to the alle Look up at the light pole;
the wrapper’s up ther Go to the Employee entrance and look at
the trash can next to the entranc Get the antenn Examine
it in inventory to extend i Use it to get the wrappe
Examine the wrapper in inventor Then combine it with the
Visual Analyzing Apparatu Examine the combination in
inventory, then turn it o Zoom in on the lower left-hand
corner to see a small do Note the PB Meter number: 388741
Turn it off, then go to the police statio Talk to Mac Malden
and ask him about PB Meter 388741 End conversating and then
go to the Post Offic You’ll get a sequence, followed by a new
location on your San Fancisco Mathe Garden Hous Go ther
Talk to the landlady with the conversation path A, A, A, B,
Once you’re in Malloy’s room, get the book ogn the nightstan
Examine it in inventor Open the rolltop desk and get the
business car Examine it in inventor Then get the Cosmic
Connection magazine and examine it in inventor Open the
middle drawer of the rolltop desk and get the envelop Examine
it in inventory to get another dis Try to open the closet
door, then go back to your office, to the computer roo Use
the new disc on the laptop compute (yeah, you don’t have the
code, so it seems like a stupid trip, but you need to do
thi) Go BACK to the garden house and into Malloy’s roo
Get the jeans on the chair (which weren’t there before!)
Examine them in inventory to get a rental receip Examine it
in inventor Go to the Waterfront Warehouse on the San
Francisco map and watch the day four-ending sequence with D

> Believe it or not, day fiv And you’re only halfway
through (ARRGH!) After the intro, when you’re in your office,
get the fax from the fax machin Examine it in inventor Go
to the Waterfront Warehous Move the box in the middle of the
roo Get the postal receip Examine it in inventor Get
the flight schedule from the floo Examine it in inventor
Get the scrap of paper from the broken tabl Examine the Item
186 Scra Move the pallets in the far left corner of the room
to uncover the Everlock saf Click on the safe for a close-up,
then enter the combination as follows: Click on the right-side
dial until 22 in on top, then the left-side dial until 31 is on
top, then the right side dial until 15 is on top, then the left
side dial until 7 is on to (In case you’re wondering, take a
look at the ETS business card in inventor Note the number
484-961-225-04 The square roots of those numbers are 22, 31,
15, and ) Take the scrap of paper out once the door open
Also take the small ke Travel to the Garden House and use the
small key to unlock the closet doo Open it and take the book
that’s on the floo Examine it in inventor Now take the
briefcase from the top shel Examine it in inventory to get a
Gate of the Sun photo and noteboo Examine each in inventory,
then go back to your offic Use the videophone to call Regan
Madse Go to the Imperial Loung You’ll get a sequence
between you and her; then go back to your offic Examine the
puzzle box in inventor Turn on the vidphone and use it to
retrieve the message from Lucia Pernel Call Pernell and ask
about Anagram End conversation, exit vidphon Don’t ask how
you suddenly got Pernell’s key in inventory, eithe Go to the
Police Statio Ask Mac Malden about Dag Horton and the NSA
Connectio Now go to the Morgu (no, I don’t mean jump out
the windo) Open the bottom-right refrigerated storage uni
Get the scalpel from the tra Look at the cabinet drawer
labelled G – Use the scalpel on it to unlock it, then open i
Take the wallet, and examine it in inventor Examine the
security system card in inventor Get the ke Go back to
Horton’s office at Autotec Use the key on the left-hand file
cabine Open the drawer and get the manilla envelop Examine
it in inventor Examine the NSA key in inventor Examine the
papers from the envelop Examine the BAK memorandum and the
paper with number Now exit to the hallwa Go to the
Evidence Room door and use the Security System card on the
keypad to the left of the doo Type in the number 773348 on
the keypa Walk into the evidence roo Go to locker row B
and find locker 1 Use the NSA key to unlock i Open it,
take out Emily’s puzzle bo Also in row B, open locker 15 and
get the cash in that on Then go to row E and open locker 1
Get the NSA ID badg Now use Pernell’s key to unlock locker 36
in row Open it and take the Operation Euphoria dis Move
to the Evidence Scanner keypad and click the Open button to open
the compartmen Put Emily’s puzzle box inside the scanner
compartmen Enter the de-scanning code (1091; written on the
„paper with numbers”) on the keypad, then press the Enter
butto Take the puzzle box back ou Repeat this process (put
in object, type in 1091, press Enter, remove object) with the
cash and the Operation Euphoria Dis Open the Evidence Room
door and exit to the hallway, then travel to Chandler Avenue and
go to the Acme Warehouse doo

> Use Malloy’s key to unlock it, then go i Turn right and
look at the crate with Malloy’s name on i Look up to see the
pulley uni Find and open the pulley control bo Click the
On button, then Lowe Find the pirate’s chest and open i
Get the peg le Use the peg leg on the ring on top of Malloy’s
crat Go back to the pulley control bo Press Rais Go
back to the crate and get the map of Asia from the pallet
underneath i Examine the map in inventor Open the crate
and get the photograph of Nazca and the tapestry from the crat
Examine both in inventor In inventory, combine the tapestry
with Regan’s puzzle bo Examine it in inventor Move the
tiles on top of Regan’s box until their pattern matches that on
the tapestr Once it’s unlocked, examine it to get a set of
pegs and the second piece of Malloy’s devic In inventory,
combine the pegs with Emily’s puzzle box („demagnetized”) In
inventory, combine the map of Asia with the flight schedul
Examine the combinatio Now combine that with the box w/peg
Examine this four-piece combination, and place pegs in the holes
on the puzzle box in the following order: (approximate „row” and
„column” locationnot EXACT, but hey, this is a text file,
after al)


ROW1 2 3 4 5 6 7


2 2nd



514th 4th

67th13th 8th

7 3rd 16th 6th


9 1st

10 9th

Examine the unlocked box in inventory to get a slide and piece
#1 of Malloy’s devic Examine the slide in inventor Go back
to your offic Answer the vidphone call from Rega Open the
conversation with „Making Conversatio” (yeah, I know, I’m
spoiling all your fu Toug) Now call Gordon Fitzpatrick and
ask about initials, AE, OE, and EW, then about Archie Elli
End conversatio Call Archie Ellis and choose conversation
path C, Answer his three questions: Thelwait, The Plain
Of Nazca, and The Gate Of The Su Exit vidphone and go to
Cosmic Connectio After you’re sick of listening to Archie
ramble, ask him about Thomas Malloy, Ellis’ Interview with
Malloy, Power cell-Item #186, and Roswel End the
conversation; you’ll go back to your offic Use the vidphone
to call Fitzpatrick again, then ask about Roswel Then ask
about Archie’s puzzle bo End the conversation, and you’ll get
a call from Regan agai Choose „Not Really” to brush her off
(once again, yeah, I’m spoiling your fu) But this will end
Day Fiv And now things start getting nast

> Yeah, you wind up back at your offic Now go BACK to
Cosmic Connection for a quick automatic sequence in which you
save Archie’s life and get some more brownie point Then you
go BACK to your offic Go to Roswell on the North America ma
Get the paper punch scraps from inside the tipped wastebaske
Get the hole-punched paper from beneath the wastebaske
Combine the punch scraps with the hole-punched pape Examine
the combination for a close-u Put the punch scraps in the
correct holes to show the number 514293 You can flip scraps
when you pick them up by hitting the left & right arrow key
When you place each scrap in a hole, release it with a little
piece of hole still showin If the piece drops into place,
you’ve got the right one, aligned correctl If you don’t, it
stays there without movin Look at the door to the Emergency
Bunke Turn to the metal locker pair and open the right-hand
locke Get the padlock key from the floor of the locke Go
to the drafting table, open the right-hand drawer and take the
walkie-talki Examine it in inventory to get batterie Get
the piece of paper under the lower bunk mattress at the foot of
the be Examine the laser field diagram in inventor Get the
matchbox from the nightstand next to the be Open the drawer
of the nightstand and take the Roswell security car Get the
handbook from the chair next to the nightstand, and examine the
Emergency Procedures book in inventor Exit through the back
doo Look at the power switch just outside the doo Get the
shovel by the first she Get the fuse on top of the box just
to the right of the first she Look at the broken electrical
cable running up the siren towe Move the box at the base of
the towe Look at the padlock on the door of the second she
Use the Roswell padlock key to unlock i Open the door and go
insid Get the flashlight and combine the flashlight with the
batteries (worth five points, but you never use i Weir)
Get the toolbox, then examine it in inventor Exit the shed
and look at the Laser Field doo Look at the security keypad
for a close-u Enter the access code 5142931, and click on
Ente Save the game (this can make you rather dea) Go
through the Laser Fiel Enter very slowly and carefully; if
you hit a red beam, you’re toas Look at the laser field
control pane Turn on the control pane Enter the code
ALPH Click on the squares as follows:

COLUMN 1 2 3 4

ROW1 4th 3rd

2 1st


4 2nd 5th

Now look at the laser fiel Save the game agai Follow the
blue light beams through the laser field (WATCH OUT FOR THE RED
ONES!) Take the loop of power cable hanging on the wal Look
at the metal door at the end of the hallwa Try to open the
metal doo Return to the tower, using the blue beams agai
Combine the wire strippers with the power cable in inventor
Use the stripped power cable on the gap in the tower’s power
cabl Go to the porch and turn the switch to O Go back into
the security statio Open the Emergency Bunker doo Go into
the bunker and open the trap door on the floor near the barrel
Take out the dynamite bo Examine it in inventor Combine
the dynamite with the fus Exit the bunker and return to the
metal door on the other side of the laser fiel Save the game
here! Combine the matchbox with the dynamite (which now has a
fuse Use the lit dynamite QUICKLY on the metal door, then
turn around and run like your life depends on it (since it
doesall the way back across the laser field, out the
security door, and into the exterior of the compoun If you
don’t make it that far, you’re deasimple enough, right, Go
back through the laser field to the metal doo Open the
remains of the door and walk through the doorway to pass out and
end day si Welcome to Roswell, and welcome to Hel

1> Okay, maybe not Hell, but there IS an alien stalking
around, and it’s going to try rather hard to kill yo So you’d
better find a way to neutralize i You’ll have to move pretty
quickly in this segment, or you’re in deep troubl So, pay
attentioGo into the hallway & turn lef Follow the
corridor around the corner to the right, then take your next
lef Go to the door straight ahead (to the Dorm) Use the
shovel on i Open the door and go i Look near the
turned-over table and get the CD that’s near i Go through the
open door on the far righ Open the first cabinet on the
right, just to the left of the pair of drawer Get the disc
player from the cabine Combine the CD with the disc player in
inventory, then examine the combination in inventor Only
listen to it once; you don’t have much tim Open the last
cabinet on the right and get the containment uni Combine the
containment unit with the containment scap in inventor Go out
of the Dorms and run down the hall, take a left, and go through
the first door on your left to get to the Mass Hal Go behind
the counter to the kitche Open the top door of the
refrigerator on the lef Get the ice pic Go to the other
side of the kitchen and open the second cabinet from the righ
Get the po Go out the door, down the corridor to your left,
and take your first right (back towards the dorms Now go
through the first door on your righ Use the ice pick to hit
the barrel that contains diesel fue Use the pot on the fuel
lea Go back to the Mess Hal Go to the stove in the kitchen
area, click on any burner control to turn on the right-front
burne Use the pot of fuel on the glowing burne Take the
pot off the burner, then turn off the stove (not really
necessary, but gives you 5 bonus points Go out of the Mess
Hall, turn left, and go to the first door on the lef Open the
door and go i Get the box of spark plugs from the shel
Examine the box to take one ou Exit the roo Go left,
follow the corridor around to the left, and go through the first
door on the righ Open it and go i Go directly to the
generato Open the fuel tank spout on the far left and use the
liquified fuel on i Open the left access door of the
generator and put the spark plug in the chambe Grab the
handle on the right side of the generator (primer handle) and
pump it twice-down, up, dow Open the access door on the right
and hit the green power switc Exit the room and wai When
the generator shuts off, run back into the Generator Room and
use the open containment unit on the alien entit Now that
it’s immobilized, you can rela Get the oxygen tank sitting in
the corner, and get the wire cutters that are sitting on the
crat Go back to the storage room where you got the spark
plug Get the plastic case, which is sitting on the crat
Open it in inventor Go out the door, follow the corridor all
the way to the end, turn left, and take your first lef Get
the toy „Alien Abductor” from the tabl Combine it with the
Robco battery pack in inventory (now aren’t you glad you bought
that battery pack back when I told you to,) Get the free weight
bar from the floor near the treadmill Pull the dart from the
dart board on the wal Get the pool cue leaning against the
wal Go back to the Dorm Go to the far right doorway, and
open the top drawer in the second set of drawers on the lef
Get the roll of duct tap Enter the next rootry to ignore
the dead bodieand go to the jammed doo Look through the
door; there’s an ID badge ther Combine the dart with the pool
cue, then the duct tape with that combinatio Use that
combination on the badge to get i Now go back to the storage
room where you got the diesel fuel and get the acetylene torch
handle from the metal shel Go back out of that room and go to
the elevator (partway down the main hall Open the door and
ente Press 2 on the control pane Exit the elevato Go
right and take your first left, then your first door on the
lef Look at the War Room doo Use the ID badge on the
security scanner next to the doo Go in and get the alien
photographs from the first desk on the righ Examine them in
inventor Then get the „top secret” documents from the last
desk on the lef Examine them in inventor Get the Absuctor
remote from the front of the video projecto Press the Play
button on the reel-to-reel tape playe Go back to the hallway
on level Go past the Rec Room to the door at the end of the
corrido Open it and go into the fan roo Look at the fan,
then use the free weight bar to jam i Combine the Abductor
with the Abductor remote in inventor Exaine it in inventory,
then put it into the ventilation shafnow we get to the weird
part (going through the ventilation system, controlling a toy!)

1> As the toy, turn away from the fan and follow the shaft
around two left turn Watch the signs on the wall At J1-1,
turn right and go to the end of the shaf At J1-5, turn right
and go forward to the down arro This takes you to the level 2
shaft Follow the shaft around the corner to the double-bladed
fa Save the gam Every time you have to get through the
fans, do the following: lower your hover elevation as much as
you can and fly towards the fa You’ll hit the frame and sto
Raise your elevation as far as possibl Just as the fan blade
disappears, race forward through the ga Now follow the shaft
around the corner to the lef At J2-12, tuen left and follow
the shaft into the Computer Science La Once inside, turn left
and go to the base of the fallen chai Get close to the
screwdriver, line it up in the crosshairs, and click on Activate
Ar Go back into the open ven Follow the shaft back to
J2-1 Then turn left and go forwar At J2-8, turn right and
follow the shaft to the Metallurgy La Go to the center of the
lab, turn left, and fly to the coiled metal hoses hanging on the
wal Get ’em (same procedure as above Exit the lab and
follow the shaft back to J2-8, then turn righ Follow the
shaft to the single-bladed fa Save the game again, and follow
the same procedure as you did with the 2-bladed fan abov
Follow the shaft around the corner to the righ At J2-1, turn
left and go forwar At J2-3, turn right and follow the shaft
to the Linguistics La Go to the chair near the middle of the
roo Turn right and go to the computer console Raise your
elecation to see the security clearance card on the consol
Get i Go back through the vent, and fly back to J2 – Then
turn right and go to the end of the shaf At J2-5, turn left
and go forwar At J2-6, turn left and go forward into the
Bio-La Move a little forward and turn lef Go to the far
wall and turn righ Raise your elevation to see the test
tube Get the vial of aci Go out the vent and click on the
Home button, which brings it back to you (amazing how it gets
through the fan) Now go back to the hallway on level
Look just left of the elevator at the Toxic Waste Disposal chute
and open i Go to the locked elevator on Level 2 (has a
security card reader Look at the elevator doo Use the red
pass-card on the card reade Go into the elevato Save the
game! Now look at the wires on the control panedon’t push
any buttonthat would be BA Use the Phillips screwdriver
to unlock the control pane Open i Make sure the elevator
door is ope Save the game agai Use the wire cutters to cut
the control panel wire Grab the bomb, RUN (hold down the R
key as you move) back to the Toxic Waste Disposal chut Throw
the bomb into the open chut (BLAM!!!) Go back to the Security
elevator and press 3 to go down to level From the elevator,
turn right and go to the storage room door marked 101-20 Try
to open the doo Wander around until you find the
Miscellaneous Storage area and go i Go over to the crate and
get the strike Get the acetylene tank sitting on the shelf in
the middle of the roo Go back to the door marked 101-20 In
inventory: Combine the hoses with the oxygen tank, then combine
that with the acetylene tan Then combine the torch handle
with the torch cutting tip, then combine the acetylene torch
with the tanks-and-hose Finally, combine the acetylene kit
with the strike Use the lit torch on the lock on the 101-200
doo Open it and go i Turn right and look at the computer
syste Turn on the computer syste Type in 186, then press
Ente Type in the access cod7A Oh great; you’ve got to
get 186 to the Transfer tunne Okay, here’s how to do i In
each case, move the designated items as far as possible in the
directions I listed her

122 left, 106 lef 168 down, 149 dow 150 down, 148 dow
177 right, 176 righ 178 right, 180 righ 188 down, 199
dow 198 righ 160 up, 166 u 195 up, 192 u 182 lef
188 down, 199 dow 178 left, 180 lef 186 dow 198 righ
196 up, 197 u 178 left, 180 lef 188 up, 199 u 175 left,
174 lef 186 dow 176 left, 177 lef 150 up, 148 u 122
left, 106 lef 186 down and out of the storag There are
other ways to do it, but that order gives you maximum bonus

Now use the vial of acid on the glass-panel doors to the
conveyor trac Open the doors and enter the roo Get the
power cel Go back to the level 1 hallwa Open what’s left
of the door and exit the underground complex into the laser
field are You’ll automatically go back to your office and end
Day Seve Now things get even weirde(is that possible,)

1> Answer the vidphone after you get Archie’s messag You
also get a message from Chelse Call Lucia Pernel Get the
fax from Pernell on your fax machin Examine the list in
inventor Go to your computer roo Use Malloy’s disc on the
lapto Type in the anagram „Merge The Four Rare Cases To See
Maps,” then press Ente Read the contents of the disc, then
exit the compute Go to the Electronics Sho Find the Robco
Call Tracer and look at i Talk to Zack and ask about the
trace Buy it for $4 End conversation, and go back to your
offic Use the tracer on the vidphone, then call Elijah Wit
Use conversation path B, A, B, C, C, C, C, C to keep him on the
line long enough to get the trace don Exit the vidphon Go
to his apartment on the North America travel ma Immediately
save your game, then look at the alarm panel by the doo Go to
the wall with the closet doors and move the top stone mask
that’s between the door Turn off the purple switc Look
behind the tree near the dining table and chair Turn off the
green alarm switch behind the tre Look at the red alarm
switch high on the wall above the fireplac Get the bamboo
pole from the pot near the fireplac Use the bamboo pole on
the switc Get on the elevator to go to the lof Move the
plant on the shelf to the right of the bed and turn off the blue
alarm switch behind the plan The alarm should shut of Note
the plaque hanging just out of reach beyond the railin Use
the bamboo pole (now where did you have that stuffed,) to get
the plaqu Examine the plaque in inventor Get Witt’s notes
>from the bed and examine them in inventor Open the bottom
drawer of the dresser to the right of the bed and get the
scrapboo Examine it in inventor Examine the photo of
Witt’s statue in inventory; note the number sequenc It’s
different if you’re in Entertainment mode (77, 61, 44, 26), but
normally, it’s 70, 12, 84, 65, 39, 6 Get the tweezers that
are on top of the dresser left of the be Go back down on the
elevato Look at the Mayan number chart on the wal Pick up
the culture book from the floor near the large stone head, and
examine it in inventor Pick up the calendar vook from the
floor just right of the sof Examine it in inventor Move
the tree near the statu Push the diamond button on the wall
to turn off the gas fireplace (it’s the one farthest to the
left Use the tweezers to get the foil packe Examine it in
inventor Look at the statue in the corne Look at the
statue’s stomac Use the copper key to unlock the statu
Move the slider puzzle around to get the sequence 70, 12, 84,
65, 39, 6 Oh yeah, just as a point of note-MAYAN numbers (so
the first row should be marked as „7” on the left tile in Mayan
and „0” on the right tile in Mayan Just remember, a „dot”
indicates „1,” a „line” indicates „five”, and a football-like
shape is „zer” So the „seven” is two dots above a line (2
„1’s” plus „five” Go to the big bookshelf on the other side
of the elevato Get Witt’s puzzle box from the secret
compartment that open Examine it in inventory to see a dial
puzzl This is an official pain in the but

How it works: The red light underneath a tile indicates it’s
activ Turning the right-hand dial sets the Mayan date to
match the date indicated on the active til Then you turn the
left-hand dial to set the modern date to the equivalent modern
dat Then you click on the Set Dials buttoif you’ve got it
right, the light turns green and the next tile to the right
activate Well, to get the maximum bonus points, it has to be
done in 153 moves (each dial click is a move) or les Grea
So here’s one way to do it:

Click Set Dials 3 time Use the right hand dial to set the
Mayan date to Men 1 Use the left hand date to set the modern
date to July 1 Click Set Dials onc Set the Mayan date to
Ahau Set the modern date to September Click the Set
Dials button twic Set the Mayan date to Muluc Set the
modern date to April 1 Click the Set Dials onc Set the
Mayan date to Chuen 1 Then set the modern date to May 2
Click the Set Dials butto Examine the unlocked puzzle box in
inventory to get piece #3 of the Malloy’s device and some pieces
of ony Go to the Garden Hous Get the package on the be
Examine it in inventor Combine the untranslated letter with
the Yucatec Made Easy boo Read the translated letter in
inventory (the one from Eduardo Mejia Examine the Garden
House puzzle box in inventory, and combine it with the onyx
piece Examine it in inventory; you have to place the pieces
in the grooves around the symbol This is another
pain-in-the-but If the pieces are arranged as follows:

1 2 3 4


6 7

8 9 101112

13 14 15

16 17





you have to rotate the pieces and arrange them as follows:


19 (symbol 1) 1


25 (symbol 2) 14(symbol 3)22

8 2116 93

13 (symbol 4) 5 (symbol 5) 26 (symbol 6) 15

20 6 11127

Now examine the unlocked puzzle box in inventory to get the
fourth piece of the devic Combine all four pieces in
inventory, then combine the device with the power cell (
Item 186 Go back to your office to watch a long automatic
sequenc When it’s ovewell, I know it’s going to be
difficult for some of yo But pick choice A: Refuse Regan’s
seduction offe Otherwise, you’ve blown the best possible
endin And then begins Day the LAST day of puzzles and
problems (about bloody time, too!)

1> Look at the ceremonial alta Pick up all 14 puzzle pieces
that are lying around the chambe Some are hidden (under a
bench, on top of the arch, etc Examine one of the pieces in
inventor Put one of the pieces on the alta Assemble the
puzzle pieces to get a labyrinth map; this may take you a while,
but it’s a challenge whose points don’t change no matter how
long it takes, so work your way through i Go through the door
under the star symbo Go straight to the wall, turn right,
follow the passage around, making two more right turns, all the
way to the en Get the small stone cu Go back to the
labyrinth start and take your first right, then left at the
corner, left, right at the corner, then forward to the next
corne Get the white dagge Turn left at the intersection
and follow the passage to the corps Look at the corps Get
the glasses, and examine them in inventorExamine both of them
in inventor Get the gu Examine it in inventory to get
bullet Examine them in inventor Get the lanter Examine
it in inventory to get lantern fue Get the handkerchie Go
back to the start of the labyrint Then go left, right, right,
right around the corner, left around the corner, right, and
contine to the stair Climb the stairs to find the dead Mayan
Warrio Look at hi Get the shiel Use the broken lens on
the hemp cord on the spear-holding han Take the cord and the
spea Go back to the map chambe Go through the White Sun
Doo Go left around the corner, right around the corner,
right, then follow the passage to the en Get the silver
dagge Turn around and follow the passage to the first lef
Take that turn and go to the en Get the blunt hatche Turn
around and go left around the corner, left, right around the
next two corners, and follow the long passage to the doo Go
i Look at the wall drawing Approach the ceremonial altar
and look at the gemstones for another clu Use the blunt
hatchet on the alta Use the blunt hatchet to strike the gems
in this order:




3413 2

611 9

This will unlock the Star Doo Go through it and save the game
immediately; you have just reached the Fireball chambe Look
really quickly to determine which door is open (one of the
four), then get as low as you can (Control Watch out for the
fireballs as you navigate the maz To get there, follow this
path from the start: turn right, go to wall, left, to wall,
right, to wall, left, and follow the passage until you get to an
possible right turn (the passageway also keeps going straight
If the either of the two left doors was the open one (it varies
every time you load the game), keep going straigh If either
of the two right doors was the open one, take the righ

If it was one of the two left doors: Keep following the
passageway till you get to the T-junctio If the leftmost door
was open, turn left and follow the passage to the doo If the
second door was open, turn right, then follow the passage left
around the corner, then take your first left to get to the doo

If it was one of the two right doors: Follow the passage to the
T-junctio If it was the third door, turn left and follow the
passage to the doo If it was the rightmost door, turn right,
then left and go to the doo

Once through the fireball chamber, you’re on level Go left
around the corner, right around the corner, straight down the
corridor to the end, left around the corner, then straight ahead
and follow the passage until you find the gold dagge Get i
Then turn around and backtrack up the corridor until you reach
the first passage that branches off to the righ Take that
passage to the door with the wasp head engraved on i In
inventory, combine the handkerchief with the lantern fue
Combine the matchbox with the oily handkerchief to get a smoking
handkerchie Combine that with the spear to get a fiery spea
Save your gam Do this fast: Go into the Wasp Head Chamber,
and look at the wasp nest in the big stone head above the Black
Sun doo Then quickly use the fiery spear on i Now pick up
the stack of tiles in the corner of the room and look at the
ceremonial alta Use the tiles on the altar to bring up a
puzzle interfac Assemble the kings as followif the tiles
are as follows:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

Then the tiles are:

King’s head with long tassels in back

King’s head with alligator head as a hat

King’s head with strange white thing as hat

King’s body with spear

King’s body with circular object

King’s body with dagger

King’s feet with long tassels on each ankle outside

King’s feet with short tassels on each ankle (pointing
slightly upward)

King’s feet with short tassels on each ankle on the inside
of the turned leg

Exit the chamber through the moon doo Go forward to the
intersection and turn righ Go left around the corner, right
around the corner, and straight to the end of the passag Turn
right and get the red dagge Turn around and follow the
passage to the first left tur Take the left and go to the
door with the dagger symbo Open the door and go i Look at
the totem poles painted on the wall by the doo Look at the
ceremonial alta Use any of the daggers on the alta Insert
the daggers into the slots in the following order from left to
right: Black Sun, Stars, Moon, White Sun, Sacrificial Victi
Enter the chamber through the door under the Black Sun symbo
Follow the passage to the door with the pentagon symbo Go i
Look at the wall murals, then at the five piece symbol puzzle
on the wal Save the gam

1> Now do this quickly, because as soon as you move a symbol,
the ceiling begins to crush downwards (oh, JOY!) Clicking on
each symbol causes it to rotat So, forget about why (it has
to do with the doors to the earlier chambers but ignore that for
now) and just do this: Click three times on the snake, once on
the two-birds symbol, twice on the wasp head, three times on the
dagger, and once on the pentago You’ll slide down a tube into
the Mayan Acension Chamber and wind up with Regan agai (Just
can’t get enough of you, can she,) Get Regan’s backpack from
the corner and examine it in inventor Use the rope on the
statue, and move the statu After it falls, look at the crack
in the largest piece on the floo Combine the bullets with the
jacknife in inventor Examine the combinatio Combine the
gunpowder you get with the small stone cu Combine the lantern
fuel with the hump cord to make a fus Combine the fuse with
the explosiv Combine the explosive/fuse with the matchbox to
light the devic Put the explosive in the large crac BOOM!
Get one of the smaller statue fragment Put it on any one of
the blue pedestal Get the other small statue fragment and put
it on any of the other blue pedestal A long movie sequence
kicks i Then you wind up at the spacecraft clearin All you
can do is watch as things jushappe Finally, you have to
set the spacecraft controls to auto-pilot away from eart
Well, here goeclick on these buttons:

> Topmost (black sun)

> Inner ring, directly to the left of the black sun (looks
like an upward pointing arroNorth)

> Outer ring, third left from black sun (circle)

> Inner ring, bottom on left (red)

> Inner ring, second right from black sun (looks like a
right-pointing arroEast)

> Outer ring, third right from black sun (Cross or „X”)

> Outer ring, bottom on left (orange)

> Inner ring, first right from black sun (downward pointing

> Outer ring, fourth left from black sun (triangle)

1> Outer ring, fifth left from black sun (Yellow)

1> Inner ring, second left from black sun (left-pointing

1> Outer ring, fourth right from black sun (Diamond)

1> Inner ring, second-from-bottom on left (Green)

After that, the ship takes of Tex hitches a ride back home
with Elijah Witt, and if everything went as this walkthrough
indicated, Tex finally gets the girChelsee, that i Other
endings include a Holodate, the ever-popular „Clown” ending, and
several different deaths (shot by Jackson Cross or
Fitzpatrickbut hopefully, you’ve done it! GAME OVER, MAN!

Kody do gier

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