The Sims 3 – Showtime

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Cheat Codes:

Sims 3 Editor Cheat:
Press control shift and c at the same time and type in testingcheatsenabled true
In the bo Then right click on your mailbox to set your sims needs or profession,
and right click the sim to change their age, and trait You can also right click
on other lots to edit them, or build on them, and you can right click on objects
to delete the

Acobat cheat:
Click ctrl shift c all at once and code bar pop up at the top of your scree Type
in testingcheatsenabled trueIt’s important that you leave a space between enabled
and tru Then you can shift click on the ground, your sim, an object, and then cool
options pop u Their are other codes you can type in the code bar thin Actually,
there is one cheat I know for the acrobats, singers, et in sims showtim If you
type in testingcheatsenabled true and touch the experience bar for the acrobat or
whatever you can give them more experienc All you have to do is click, hold, and
move the bar and they get experienc

testingcheatsenabled true – shift click and do cool stuf
motherlode – get 50,000,000 cash for si
kaching – get 1,000 cash for si
buydebug – world adventures onl

Protection from Death:
Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard, and near the gate, there is a strange bush called
a „Death Flower Bush” – Harvest the flower from i Keep this flower in your sim’s
inventory, and if you die, you will automatically offer this flower to the Grim
Reaper, who will ressurect you in exchange for i This flower will not reappear,
but there are Unknown Special Seeds (requires level 7 Gardening to plant) dotted
about near the graveyard (and a few other places) which may grow another Death
Flower (and sometimes more if your Sim has the Green Thumb trait to revive the

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