The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts Of Stone

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Cheat Codes:

Venomous Viper Witcher gear set locations:
—————————————– –
The Venomous Viper Witcher (medium armor) gear set can only be obtained in the
„Hearts Of Stone” DLC from main quest It consists of 6 pieces – – 4 armor
pieces and 2 sword All of them are missable and can only be obtained during
certain parts of the main quest
Take the diagrams to a Journeyman armorer/blacksmith to craft the

Go northeast of Velen in Upper Mill and start the „Enchanting: Start-up Costs”
ques Speak with a man and offer him 5,000 crowns to purchase new tools for hi
He will then offer his Runewright services to yo You also can upgrade the
Runewright to become more powerful by spending more crown

Level 1 Runewright: 5,000 crowns
Level 2 Runewright: 10,000 crowns
Level 3 Runewright: 15,000 crowns

Runewords and Glyphwords recipes:
——————————– –
The following are Runewords and Glyphwords recipes for weapons and armo

-=Level 1=-
* Weapons
Dumplings : 2x Pyerog, Tvaro
Placation : Lesser Devana, Lesser Morana, Lesser Stribo
Preservation : Lesser Svarog, Lesser Devana, Lesser Moran
Deflection : Lesser Aard, Lesser Warding, Lesser Reinforcemen
Depletion : Lesser Aard, Lesser Axii, Lesser Reinforcemen
Heft : Lesser Quen, Lesser Mending, Lesser Reinforcemen
Ignition : Lesser Igni, Lesser Yrden, Lesser Wardin
Usurpation : Lesser Axii, Lesser Binding, Lesser Reinforcemen

-=Level 2
* Weapons
Elation: Dahzbog, Veles, Devan
Rejuvenation : Perun, Svarog, Stribo
Severance : Zoria, Veles, Peru
* Armor
Balance: Axii, Mending, Reinforcemen
Beguilement : Axii, Igni, Mendin
Entanglement : Yrden, Axii, Bindin
Protection : Quen, Yrden, Wardin
Rotation : Igni, Binding, Reinforcemen

Easy „Moo-rderer” achievement:
You can farm this very quickly at „Martin Feuille’s Farmstead” (fast travel point)
in the north of Novigra There is a group of over ten cows in this are Kill
them all, then meditate for a day to make them respaw Kill more cows until you
get the „Moo-rderer” achievemen If there are no cows when you arrive, meditate
and they will eventually spaw

Easy „Rad Steez, Bro!” achievement:
There are many mountains in Skellige where you can slide downhill uninterrupted
for at least 10 second A really good area to do this is at the „Distillery” fast
travel point in the east of Skellige’s main islan Save the game when you reach
the fast travel point, then slide down the hill to get the achievemen If anything
goes wrong, simply reload the saved game and try agai

Easy „Return To Sender” achievement:
First, buy the „Arrow Deflection” skill (Level 3/3) in the combat skill tre Then,
find some archers and parry their arrows just a moment before they hit yo A great
area to do this is at the eastern bridge of Oxenfur There is a fast travel point
and some archers on the bridg After killing them you can meditate for an hour
and they should respaw Repeat this until you get the „Return To Sender” achievemen
You are also allowed to weaken them with your swor Only the final hit has to be
from a deflected arro

Easy „Shopaholic” achievement:
You only need approximately 1,000 gold to purchase all three items on the block at
the Borsodis’ Auction House and get the „Shopaholic” achievemen Keep selecting
one dialo

Easy „When It’s Many Against On” achievement:
The fight against Iris’ Nightmares takes place at the end of the „Scenes From A
Marriage” main quest after recreating the memory in the dining roo Create a
manual save game before the figh It is also highly recommended to play on the
lowest difficult When the fight begins, one nightmare will be fighting you
while five are standing stil Go around the room and hit each nightmare with
one light attack to provoke the It is recommended to do this from a far distance
with a crossbo If you hit them more than once they might die – – so be carefu
If done correctly, there will be a total of six nightmares fighting you at the
same tim If you killed one already, you must reload the last checkpoin The
quickest way to take them out is by using the Whirl skill, but you can kill
them with any attac

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