The Witness

Cheat Codes:

Get More Eyes:
The Witness is not a multiplayer game, but friends or family can help you a lo
More the eyes on a puzzle the more solutions you ge A fresh brain with a new
perspective and even give you a bit of a mental res The Game mechanics works
to make things visually interesting by being the clue you need to break the whole
puzzl To Finish The Witness 100%, you must complete the series of puzzles until
you know you,ve done everything els

Find the boat:
Go to the outskirts of the island to find docks with a boa The Boat has a map
with a bunch of icons on i Use them to navigate the islan If you find any maze
that you are having trouble to understand than simply look for that icon on the
map and then go to the corresponding area and start with the a series of puzzles
that will teach the new mechani