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Earn 25,000 Gold by Selling Cargo at Markets:
Written by Borandi.

Bug in achievement – the easier way to get it

-=The Solution=-
Currently the in-game metric for profit for selling cargo is a bit
bugged out. When you see a +80 profit next to an item in the market,
it will only give you that +80 once for the full sale. For whatever
reason, even if you sell 10 items at +80 profit at once, only +80
is added – there is no 'multiplier’.

The way around this is to sell one item at a time. So click right
arrow, then complete sale. No need to exit the market screen, just
repeat. One by one. So if you find that your OIL is +150, then
selling 100 units individually should raise this metric by +15000

This should count towards the Capitalist achievement (I think)
where you earn 25000 gold by selling cargo at markets.
My achievement only popped up after I had completed all the in-game
bonuses for market selling, which is +35000 max.

The achievement popped up some random time after that.

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