Tomb Raider – The last Revelation

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Tomb Raider – The last Revelation

Cheat Codes:
Submittet by: ram,prabhu,karthik,chandar

Hoo French lady again but with more power as i named it,a lady with black suit
and yellow hairs & that fire twice at one time with her. This lady comes in
Reunion stage. Those who play Tomb Raider 3 a vey big game have now her well.
It is impossible to kild him with any weapon becouse she is impower by artfact
when you see her first time.So be patient and try to climb that place but by
safeguarding yourself fom those green rays which she fire. Then the place come
in which you kild two gays and run towards French lady. A you noted that as
you progress she also change her position.When you a very near to her in take
your guard luncher and shoot him once to get rid o him that also end the game.

Unlimited goodies:
Once again, face north. Now, go to the inventory screen and select the small
medipak. Press and hold (G)(U)(N)(S), and release them.

Killing knights:
To kill the knights found in The Lost Library, shoot the blue gem in their chest.
Do not attack from the back, as it is just a waste of ammunitions. Six or seven
direct hits with the shotgun or the crossbow will kill them.

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