Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation

Update by: Dj Simo

While playing in Skirmish mode, press ENTER then press
the + key and type in the code for the desired effect:

Code Result
BIGBROTHER – Units say different things when you move them
CDSTOP – Stops cd
HONK – Units honk sometimes when they stop
LOGO # (1-9) – Change your color at anytime of the game
in skirmish mode.
LOS – Toggles line of sight setting
METEOR – Hail of death stones from sky
SHADOW – Toggles object shadowing
SHOWRANGES – Display ranges by holding Shift when the
pointer is over the unit
MAPPING – Cover the screen in black
ATM – Gives you 1000 metal and energy.
CDSTART – Starts CD Music.
CLOCK – Adds an in-game clock in the corner of the screen.
CONTOUR# – Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15.
CONTROL# – Lets you to control a different skirmish AI.
DITHER – Changes line-of-sight shading
DOUBLESHOT – All weapons do twice the damage
HALFSHOT – All weapons do half the damage
ILOSE – Causes you to lose
IWIN – Causes you to win
KILL# – Kills off a player, where # is 0-4
NOENERGY – Drops your energy to 0
NOMETAL – Drops your metal to 0
NOSHAKE – Stops explosion screen shakes
NOWISEE – Full map and disables line of sight
RADAR – 100% radar coverage
SING – Makes units sing when given orders.
SHOOTALL – Units will automatically target enemy buildings
SWITCHALT – Switch between squads with # keys instead of ALT-# keys
VIEW# – Display other players metal and energy.

Free Nuke
Build an air transport and have it load up the enemies commander (can usually
only be done early in a skirmish against the computer).
Fly the commander over the enemies base and self-destruct the air transport.
It will nuke the base!

Mission Select
To choose any missiong, go to the SINGLE PLAYER GAME screen and type drdeath.
Click on the Cavedog bone (below the Load Game button) to choose your starting

More Opponents in Skirmish Mode
To add up to 10 AI opponents in Skirmish Mode, go the Skirmish Setup screen and
type * plus a Roman numeral for the number of opponents you wish to add.
For example,
*iv will add four AI opponents.

Resource Sharing in Multiplayer Games
To share resources with your allies in skirmish mode, press ENTER, type one of
the codes below, then press ENTER again.

+shareenergy Shares energy
+sharemetal Shares metal
+sharemapping Shares map information

You can control the amount of metal and energy you share by placing a number after
these commands. For example, +setshareenergy 2000 will ensure you have at least 2000
energy units at all times.

Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics

Tip 1:
Experienced TA generals should skip the advice portion of the mission briefing and
dive immediately into each scenario without any preconceptions.
This greatly reduces the training mode feeling.

Tip 2:
The mobile Annihilator cannons should always travel in packs of three; this will
keep them
from being overwhelmed while allowing them to lay down devastating firepower.

Submitted by:DAWN GRANLAND

At the Typing menu(press enter to access during play), type +atm and press enter.
This gives you 1000 metal + energy

Press {Ctrl} + D during game play.

Select all units:
Press {Ctrl} + A to select all units for a full scale attack.

Select the commander:
Press {Ctrl} + C to automatically select the commander and go directly to him.
This is useful when on a large map.

Program Commander:
Use the following trick to allow your Commander to build more things than
normal. You can program a Commander or Construction Vehicle to do the job of
another Construction Vehicle or Advanced Vehicle with one easy step. Click on
the vehicle that you want to take the abilities from, then press {ENTER}.
The bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Then, click on the vehicle
which you want the abilities on, then press {ENTER} again to disable the bar.
Your vehicle has now been programmed. The abilities may disappear when
clicking on another vehicle, but you can program it again.

Killer Construction Vehicles:
Your Construction Vehicles are not useless after your base is built.
When a fleet of enemies is at your bases door, include the Construction
Vehicles to meet them. They can help eliminate Core or Arm Vermin if needed.
Set a Construction Vehicle to Reclaim, then target an enemy.
Your vehicle will suck the life out of it, kill it, then add some metal to
your gauge.

If you are in skirmish mode and there is a color that is friendly try creating
a safe area connecting your base with that colors base. If there is an attack
on your base and you need to retreat, you can go through that safe area and take
cover with the friendly for the time it takes you to build another base.