Treasure Seas Inc.

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Treasure Seas Inc.

Submitted by. David K.

Use the arrowkeys to control the submarine, read the ingame hints/instructions

Surviving Hint:
Submitted by: Dallas

Buy a floodlight and thats all you need. In one of the maps you waste your
battery so you need to peddal. If you peddal and get eaten by a shark, keep
peddaling and you should live. Then get all the treasure on the map.

Map and location of items on land:
You must press A to get off of the map whether you changed Routes or not.

Nalani Route – Seamans Cove, Tabaco Isle, Dolphins Creek.
Maka Koa Route – Corall Village, Mermaid Bay, Neptunes Island, Seamans Cove.
Alohi Route – Corall Village, Whales Home, Turtle Isle, Dolphins Creek.
Seamans Cove – battery pack x2 $8500.
Tobaco Isle – plating $8000; battery pack $7500.
Dolphins creek – oxygen $7000,8000.
Corall Village – Sell seagrass.
Mermaids Bay – Save.
Neptunes Island – floodlight $7000; oxygen $9000.
Whales Home – medium propeller $6000; large propeller $8000.
Turtle Isle – plating $7000.

Locations of treasure maps:
Maka Koa map 1 – Under Corall Village on the left in the dark.
Alohi root map 2 – Near Dolphins creek in the dark, not in the tunnel to the right.
Nalani root map 3 – Directly below Seaman Cove, Second ledge in the dark.

Submitted by: antony

Dolphins wil show you where the treasure is.If you stop driving he wont tell you so
follow him.

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