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    Code menu
    By pressing L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and holding them for
    5 seconds at either the main menu, or bonus materials
    menu there will be a hidden menu titled Magic Codes.
    Various options are here with a series of the „A” letters.
    The value may be toggled by highlighting one of these and
    pressing (and holding) X and using the d-pad to switch
    characters (a-z). Press Square to accept the completed code.
    Press Triangle to exit the code entry screen.

    Invulnerability: MONSTROUS
    Solum scenes: WINDCHILL
    Aquis scenes: Unknown
    Aetha scenes: Unknown
    Volca scenes: Unknown
    Tarot Gallery: Unknown
    Easy Kill: DEAMONISE
    Bonus A: Unknown
    Bonus B: PRIMAL
    Bonus D: MORTALIS
    Bonus E: OBLIVION

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