• Ultimate Flash Sonic

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    Ultimate Flash Sonic

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: RM

    Unlock All Cheats:
    To unlock all Ultimate Flash Sonic cheat codes you must enter a special
    password code. From the main menu, select PASSWORD.
    Then select ENTER PASSWORD. Now, enter 595313131313131 as a code.
    The cheats are sonic run 2, tails follows, behind, big cheese, moon gravity,
    and jukebox.

    To get cheats you have to beat the 2 acts. After that a screen will tell you
    that you got a cheat and it will be on the cheat section. You can enable it
    from there. When you beat the game with someone you have to hit spacebar
    NOT RELOAD because it wont save.

    Unlock just sonic-run 2 and tails follows:
    Enter password code 211313101010101 if you just want to unlock sonic-run 2 and
    tails follows.

    More Password Codes:
    SONIC 115310101010101
    KNUCKLES 115010131010101
    TAILS 115013101010101
    CREAM 211010131310101

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