Vail of Doom

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Vail of Doom

w -> shovel. e. Dig.
Look portal. Read inscription. Touch portal -> container & box.
Open box. Wear vial & hit mummy. w. Dig. Put vial in box.

e.e.n. open box. wave vial -> hypnotise clerk -> gem, dagger, pill.
s.e. Use Law -> distract guard. Throw pill into his coffee -> guard sleeps.
Search guard -> money. Get money & bribe guard -> opal.
s.s -> sucker. n. open door with vial. e. Go cage.
Stick cobra in sucker -> venom. Use Law. Kill cobra.
u.w.s. Use Law –> friendly guard. s. Go Plane. n. Go bus.
n -> stone mirror. n. Pluck eye of basilisk. Show stone mirror.
Use Law. Go lake. Suck octopus dye. Throw dagger at octopus.

Dig. Get pyramid. u. Throw pyramid. e -> Bowl. w.
Drop bowl. Put ingredients in the bowl, the vial last.
Run. Make wish at wishing stone.

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