• Vertical Drop Heroes HD

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    Cheat Codes:

    Easy „High Voltage Treatment” achievement:
    Find a Shrine of Sparks that is near to some water, optimally positioned
    to allow you to jump into it easil Activate the shrine then jump into
    the wate

    Easy „It Wasn’t Me!” achievement:
    Activate a Shrine of Sparks near a larger group of enemie Some of them
    will eventually jump ove

    Easy „Jumping Ahead of the Game” achievement:
    Find a Green Crysta The first one is available somewhere in the middle
    of level Return to the single player main menu, where upgrades are don
    Go to the right of the portal and pay a few goal to skip a leve
    Take the portal to level

    New Game Plus:
    Complete the ten levels of Normal Mode to gain access to New Game Plu

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