Vietnam – Black Ops

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Vietnam – Black Ops

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Christopher Eastman

Typing the letter T on your keyboard will open up the
game interface. With the game interface open,type the
word or your cheats in.

Code Result
AMMO – gives you all the ammo.
WEAPONS – gives you all the weapons.
NOCLIP – you go into a steath mode. You cannot shoot
anything,but you will be invisible to the enemy
and be able to walk through the walls and such.
To exit out of this mode type the word-NOCLIP again
and you will exit out of that mode.
GOD – this will put you into GOD MODE and you cannot die.
Type it again to out of GOD MODE!
REMOVEAI – removes all enemy
EASY – sets game to easy mode
NORMAL – sets game to normal mode
HARD – sets game to hard mode

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