Warhammer 40000 – Dawn Of War 2 – Retribution

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Cheat Codes:

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then
„My profile”, then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

A proper Waaagh! : 20 online ranked games completed with Ork
Acceptable losses : Complete the Imperial Guard campaign on any difficult
All in a day”s work : Kill 500 enemie
Allies to the Cause : Complete a mission in co-op mod
Along for the ride : Complete 6 missions as a GUEST in Co-O
Angel of Death: 20 online ranked games played with space marine
Battle Brothers : Complete the Campaign in Co-o
Blood God : Win a Ranked game using only Khorne-themed unit
Bringer of Change : Win a Ranked game using only Tzeentch-themed unit
Conqueror : Score 1,500,000 in the last stan
Domination : Hold 5+ victory points at once in an online Free for Al
Dominator : Score 2,500,000 in the last stan
Exarch : 20 online ranked games completed with Elda
Exploiter : Score 10,000,000 in the last stan
Exterminatus : Escape the Imperial Flee
For the Dark Gods : 20 online ranked games completed with Chao
For the Fallen: Complete the Eldar campaign on any difficult
Gladiator : Play 10 ranked multiplayer game
Great Devourer: 20 online ranked games completed with Tyrani
Hail the Champion : Earn Champion rating 20 times during online ranked pla
Hardcore : Beat wave 20 in The Last Stand Anvil of Khorne Ma
Let the sector burn : Complete the Chaos campaign on any difficult
Manipulator : Score 500,000 in the last stan
Nice Hat : Complete the Ork campaign on any difficult
Overlord : Reach level 20 in The Last Stand
Plague Father : Win a Ranked game using only Nurgle-themed unit
Sector Savior : Complete the Space Marine campaign on any difficult
Sector Savorer: Complete the Tyranid campaign on any difficult
Sweeping Advance : Kill an enemy who is retreatin
Veteran Victor: 100 ranked win

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