Warhammer – Dark Omen

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Warhammer – Dark Omen

Cheat Codes:
Type these at the main menu.
You should hear a sound if it worked.

Press these keys at the Roster screen:
Ctrl-C-G Add 1000 gold
Ctrl-C-T Subtract 1000 gold
Ctrl-C-E Increase selected units experience
Ctrl-C-U Make selected unit unbreakable

Press these keys at the Roster screen:
Ctrl-C-F Full experience for all units
Ctrl-C-I Make selected unit invulnerable
Ctrl-C-M All magic items

Use these keys during a battle:
Hold Ctrl Select enemy units
Hold K 100% accuracy for selected ballistic unit
Press W Full magic points

Use these keys during a battle:
Hold D Click on the selected unit to destroy it
Hold R Rapid fire for selected ballistic unit
OVERBYCHRISTMAS – Press F12 to win a battle
SQUAREWINDOW – Open zoom window
SMEGHEAD – Small heads
BENNYHILL – Faster game

Mission Warp:

THELIVINGGEM – Great Forest 1
HANDYMAN – Great Forest 8
RIDETHESTORM – Axebite Pass 4
YOUANDI – Altdorf 8

Display Movies:


Kody do gier

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