• Woodle Tree Adventures

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    Cheat Codes:

    Easy „Collect 1000 berries” and „Collect 3000 berries” achievements:
    This requires a game controller or rebinding the „BackPack360” command to a ke
    After finishing the first level using the path, play it again, however this time
    press L2 if using an Xbox 360 controller, or Select if using a PlayStation3
    controlle Each time you return the level selection screen you will get the
    same amount of berries as you collected during your first ru

    Easy „Play with a friend!” achievement:
    Select the „Input” tab at the launcher and search for „StartPad3602”, which is at
    the bottom of the lis Assign it to any ke Start the game, and after you are in
    the level with your house, press the key assigned to „StartPad3602 This should
    create the cat-dog hybrid and earn the achievemen If it was not earned, restart
    the gam

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