World War 3 – Black Gold

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Cheat Codes:

Update by: Elliot Gawthrop

Ingame press „Enter” and enter „peace This will enable the following codes:
Then, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again
to activate the cheat functio

Code phrase Result
————————– –
HereYouAre! – Reveals enemy units and buildings (not on mini-map!)
BeautifulWorld – Reveals all map
Shower – Big amount of blows on the screen area
MoneyForNothing x – Gives of money
Limit_up x – Set total units cost to
NobelPrize 1 – Allows instant research
Smash – Big blow in the center of the screen
ByeBye – Destroy all enemy units
GoHome! – Destroy all of your units
IDKFA – Heal and rearms all selected units
JudgementDay – Destroy all enemy units and structures in viewed are
ScienceForNothing – Cheaper researc
Tromaville – Weaken all enemy structures in current viewing are
Moonlight – Reveal current are
UltraScience – Very fast researc
MyBrainIsFaster x – Change research speed; 10 is quick researc
Hide – Hide current ma
NewOne [unit name] – Orders a new uni


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