World War II Fighters

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Big bird cheat:
If you testfly the Spitfire in the museum, go out and drop both 500 l bombs and
shoot away almost all of your ammo (leave about 9 rounds) then hit CTRL-A-E to shut
down the engine It will turn your plane into a big bird with a huge bomb under
your bell (It may take a few times but it does wor)

* Turn collisions off in your options menu This should allow a few of your wingmen
to land aliv

* Computer pilots usually push their fighters to the edge of the envelope but stop
short of blackout or redout maneuver This gives you an edge in the desperation
maneuver category, but don’t push it to the point where you lose consciousness

* For maximum dogfighting advantage, play with the virtual cockpit and the targeting
arrow o It’s not realistic, but it gives you maximum situational awarenes

Unlimited Weapons:
Open the file 'wwini’ and find the line 'Unlimited Weapons
Change the value 'no’ to 'yes

Turn Spitfire into a Bird:
Test fly the Spitfire in the museu Drop both bombs and use all the ammo, except for
nine round Then press Ctrl + A + E to turn off the engine and it will turn into a

3D Dynamics Editor:
Ctrl + Alt + Y = 3d Dynamics Editor (place planes, flak, et)

Change Planes:
While flying hold Alt and „P”, you will be able to pilot your allies plan

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