• You Must Build a Boat

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    Cheat Codes:

    Get 70 entries in Woodward’s Library lis

    Black Dragon:
    Play „Gallery”, the final map, and tap his picture on the action
    screen as it passe

    When Woodward joins your crew, he has a book about You Must Build A Boa After
    encountering a modifier or enemy for the first itme, information on it will
    appear in Woodward’s boo You can view a dungeon or quest’s modifiers at its
    starting screen, then exit and check with Woodward to learn more and adjust your

    * Do not use an attack tile when you are between enemie If you match an attack tile while moving between enemies or treasure chests it will be waste You will
    only actually attack enemies when standing next to them, or within ranged or spells radiu
    * If you match key tiles them before you are next to a treasure chest, the match will not result in the chest being unlocke
    * If a trap is visible anywhere , making a match with a trap tile will disarm it
    from any distanc
    * Use the brief amount time between enemies and treasure chests to match shield, power, and thought tile Every time you reach a new segment of a dungeon and its Roman numeral increments, you will have a short break before the level increase message appears and randomly assigns a new dungeon modifie During this time, continue matching and clearing the board of hield, thought, and power
    tiles to create space for other tile
    * Item tiles are obtained by matching crate This includes spells, bows, bombs, and foo Spells and bows are used to damage or slow enemies from a distanc Bombs break all crate tiles on the leve Food boosts your adventurer’s energy to allow him to move farther away from falling off the scree Do not save more
    than one or two items at a time to avoid cluttering the leve Always use food immediately, unless you at the far right sid
    * Staves are red wand tiles that deal magic damage to enemie Staff power is upgraded at Silver’s Staffer Enemies that are vulnerable to magic are hurt more when you match red staff tile Enemies resistant to magic are hurt les
    * Spells are usable items occasionally found in crate tile Their power can be upgraded at Leem’s Arcaner These items do not do magic damage, but instead do damage that is related to their elemen

    Upgrade your adventurer frequentl For example, make attack and magic tiles stronger,
    increase defense and shield capacity, improve spell items’ abilities, and increase
    food recover As soon as you can afford an upgrade, purchase i As one class of
    upgrade becomes too expensive, focus on other area However, the most expensive
    upgrade is not always the bes Check the bonuses an upgrade will convey by checking
    the top of the screen for the green plus sig

    Priory bonus:
    Selecting „Run again” option will result in you retaining the current Priory bonu
    Eventually Davies’ Priory will be added to your boa This is a temple where you
    can make an offerings of gold, power, or thought and receive a random blessing or
    curse in return for your next run, as a dungeon modifier and quality boos This
    modifier only lasts for one run, unless you select „Run again” after dyin The
    Priory bonus will remain until you choose to end the run and return to the boa
    Try to maintain good modifiers obtained from the Prior Completing a quest will
    replace the „Run again” option with „Collect reward

    The Priory’s modifiers are random but the result is affected by what you giv

    Faster matches:
    When you make a match, it takes a moment for the tiles to actually brea The tiles
    will light up and shake, then shatter to allow the tiles above them to dro You can
    interact with other tiles while your current match is breaking, between the lighting
    up and the shatterin This allows you to play faster and save tim You can also
    „catch” dropping tiles for use in your next matc

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