Janes F-A-18 Simulator

Jane’s F-A-18 Simulator

This is a tough simulation. If you’re used to Top Gun, then
you’re in for a rude awakening. Take the time to work through
most, if not all, of the training missions, and perhaps a couple
of the simple single missions, before taking on the campaign.

Choose the right loadout for the mission. If tank busting is
the job at hand, don’t choose the HARM package. By the same
token, if you have been directed to take out the enemy air
defense system, don’t load up with an unguided Close Air
Support (CAS) package.

In many ways, flying is much like driving a race car: the
smoother you are, the better you will be. Treat your Super
Hornet gently. Anticipate your next move and flow into it
smoothly. Remember, move the control surfaces as slowly as
possible while turning, looping, diving, or whatever.

Your two best friends are airspeed and altitude. Low and
slow is bad unless you are either flying inbound to the
USS Reagan or trying to move significant amounts of mud.
Attempt to keep an altitude advantage on your opponent.
You can trade that altitude for speed and-if you come out
of the sun surprise.

Submitted by rickHH