Legends of Ellaria

Basic Guidelines for City Management and Resources:
Written by Larkon Studio

This guide describes the basic guidelines for city management and resources.

-=How the City Generates Income=-
You start your game with the following income points:

* Gold Income: 2
* Wood Income: 1
* Iron Income: 2
* Riftstone Income: 1

Every in- game hour, you gain the following:

Gold: [Income points] x [Number of houses]
Wood: [Income points] x [Number of houses]

Every in game day (at 6pm), you gain the following:

Iron: [Income points] x [Number of houses] x 5
Riftstone: [Income points]

So if you have five houses, and didn’t build anything, then after 24 in-game
hours (one hour of gameplay), you would gain 240 gold, 120 wood, 50 iron and
1 Riftstone.

-=How to Boost Your City Income=-
To boost your economy, you can do the following:

* Build more houses. Each house multiplies your income points for gold, wood,
and iron.
* Build a tavern. The tavern increases your gold income by 1 point.
* Build a market. The market increases your gold, wood and iron income by 1
point each.
* Complete the „The Gold Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of gold income.
* Complete the „The Iron Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of iron income.
* Complete the „The Rift Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of Riftstone
* Complete „Riverside Village” and „The search for food”.
This will increases the maximum number of houses you can build.
* You can also find resources inside caves and dungeons.