Madden NFL 2004 – Platform: Playstation 1

Earn Madden Cards With EA Bio
Gain levels in your EA Bio by completing specific challenges and
playing other EA Sports title to unlock Madden Cards. Unlockable
Cards include:
Level 2: #204 Bingo! Cheat
Level 4: #246 1990 Eagles Classic Team
Level 6: #186 Steve Spurrier Coach

Play Football 101 to Earn Easy Tokens
One place to garner quick Tokens is Football 101. Run through all
of the plays in your playbook to get a substantial helping of Tokens,
which you can use to purchase Madden Cards.

Unlock Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Cards
To unlock the Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Cards, beat the Game
Situation in Mini-Camp. The team who you complete the challenge with
is the Cheerleader/Pump Up Card you will unlock.

Unlock Madden Cards in Mini-Camp
Get Gold in Mini-Camp challenges to unlock Madden Cards. Cards directly
relate to the challenges you complete. For instance, getting a Gold in
the Ground Attack challenge will yield a Priest Holmes Card. Be sure to
get Golds on all of the difficulty levels to collect all of the cards!


1 start and finnish 1-4 profiles
2 choose the one you want to build up
3 trade cards from one profile to another.
4 save the profile you want to keep only
restart the game and you will have all the madden cards that you traded from
the unwanted profile the same cards you traded will be in both of the profiles.
do this as many times as you want to get the perfest deck.