Star Trek – Starfleet Command

Star Trek – Starfleet Command

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Find the file called sfbspc13.txt in the assets\specs\ game sub-directory.
Open the file with any text editor and change any of the fields to add cloaking
ability, modify engine power levels, add shuttles and fighters, add/change
weapons, modify shield levels, and much more. Be sure to save the original
sfbspc13.txt in a safe place before modifying it so you can return to your
original configuration. If you play a multi-player game, make sure that all
players have identical sfbspc13.txt files.

Cheat mode:
Use a text editor to edit the sfbspc13.txt file in the assets\specs\
sub-directory. The following changes can be done: add cloaking ability,
change engine power levels, add shuttles and fighters, change weapons,
change shield levels, add more transporters, troops, mines, and more.
Note: When playing a game in multi-player mode, all players must use an
identical sfbspc13.txt file.

Defeating Klingons:
When fighting a Klingon vessel, get behind it and order your helm officer
to follow it. Wait until all your weapons are charged, then fire. Repeat
this until it is destroyed.

Get 4000 Prestige Points
When Playing a mission (any mission), do an alpha strike on the Aft right
shield, but DO NOT DESTROY IT COMPLETELY – It may take a couple of tries
not to do this. If you destroy it this will not work. Then fire a photon
into the front left shield. Then hit ctrl + f4 and it will give you 4000
prestige points!

To increase your prestige in the campaign game go to the Spacedock and sell
all of your missiles. Then select the slowest missile engine and buy x4 for
a cost of 1) then x3 (at -1, giving you your prestige point back), then x2
(for another -1) then standard (for another -1). Go back to x4 and repeat,
going for as much prestige as you need. This will not affect your career
prestige for gaining rank, but it does allow you to purchase that much
needed upgrade.

All the starships configuration data (weapons, shields, engines, ect.) is
stored in a delimited text file which can be accessed by excel. The file
is called sfbspc13.txt and it is located in assets\specs\sfbspc13.txt
in the main directory of the game. By modifying these fields you can make
any ship have all sorts of features.

Add cloaking ability.
Modify engine power levels.
Add shuttles and fighters.
Add/change weapons.
Modify shield levels.
Add more transporters, troops, mines, ect.
…and much more.

Be sure to save the original file in a safe place before modifying it so
you can return to your original configuration. You will also need to remove
the read only attribute from the file. When playing multiplayer all players
must have the same file (modified or not) in order to play.

Here are some hints on modifying the sfbspc13.txt file.

1. The highest I have tested the engine output to is 120 each. I know that
Federation ships cant seem to go over 150 each but other races ships might
be able to go higher. Engine values are located in the following areas:
R_L_Warp, C_Warp, Impulse, Apr, Battery.

2. Shields can be modified to very high values for Federation ships (2000)
but Klingon ships dont seem to be able to reach as high. Shield values are
located in the following areas: Shield 1, Shield 2_6, Shield 3_5, Shield 4,
Shield Total. Shields cover each ship on 6 sides. Therefore the values in
Shield 2_6 & Shield 3_5 each represent 2 sides of the ship.
The value you place in Shield Total = (shield 1) + ((shield2_6) x 2) +
((shield3_5) x 2) + (shield4).

3. Weapons can be changed to any type within an existing group. You can
also change the number of weapons (up to 4) within an existing group
(missiles can accept higher values but I do not know where the breaking
point is on these). You cant add new groups of weapons. You can only
modify the existing weapon hardpoints. Weapons are arranged in these areas:
heavy weapon (photons, rockets, plasma, ect) and weapon (phasers, disrupters,
ect). Weapon arcs vary but I do know that if you put the value ALL as an arc,
the weapon will fire from any angle.

4. Cloaking is very easy to add to any ship. Just go to the area that reads
Cloak num and place a value for how much energy you want is to cost to
run the cloak.

5. Shuttles are defined as base and max values. The base value is the max
value divided by 3. I have successfully made the max value of all the
different types of shuttles 30 and the base value 10 which allowed me to
purchase quantities of 10, 20, or 30 shuttles of each type while in
spacedock during the game. By changing the launch rate value you can
define how many shuttles can launch before the ship needs to recharge
itself for more launches. If you want to add fighters to any ships just
find the area that says fighter bay 1 thru 4 and place the value of 6
(higher than 6 will cause game to crash) in each one of the areas and
you will have 4 fighter groups made up of 6 fighters each!

6. Movement is defined in the turn mode and move cost areas. The best
turn mode value is AA. This will give you a very agile ship. Move cost
defines how much energy is used for movement. The best value I have seen
for this is .25.

Prestige Cheat
Firstly start a campaign game, any race & era will do. If playing as a
federation late era, you will start with an F-FF frigate. Then save
the game & exit to windows. (Any ship will do as long you remember the
ship class.)

Open the file called sfbspc13.txt and it is located in
assets\specs\sfbspc13.txt in the main directory of the game using Exel.
Look for BPV. At the F-FF BPV value change to 1000 or higher. Save
then return to game.

Load game then go to Shipyard menu. You will notice the trade in value of
your ship is high. Trade in your ship, big or small your choice and in
return you will also get an extra prestige from the balance. You can repeat
over and over again.

Know your weapon ranges:
Know your weapon ranges! Dont close in on an enemy who hits harder than you
at close range.

Capture, capture, capture:
Capture, capture, capture. Grabbing a couple of frigates from the enemy at
the start of a scenario can save you grief later. Keep your ship loaded with
Marines during your starbase visits.

Defeating Lyrans:
Keep your distance. The Lyran special is the Expanding Sphere generator.
If you get too close when it is active, it will hit and you will be badly
damaged. It will also destroy any fighters, shuttles, and missiles in its

Defeating Romulans:
When they cloak get up close, fire off as many weapons as possible. When they
start to decloak, run. Then, go back and do it again once they cloak.

Prevent ships from cloaking:
If a ship keep cloaking and you cannot seem to kill it, use your tractor
beam. The ship can no longer cloak.