Throne of Darkness

Throne of Darkness

This Cheat Was Submitted By: Jordan Mann
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When on main menu select multiplayer. Sselect the first clan (clan mori).
When you start choose these people in this order:


Submitted by: rickHH

In multiplayer you have to kill your opponents Daiymo. Once youre in
their fortress you have to find a gate/door. Once in there you have to
kill some monsters and find the stair cases 4 times up. Once you find
all of the stair cases and go up the last one you will appear in your
opponents shrine room. His Samurai that he isnt using will be there
so watch out. It only takes like 1 hit to kill his Daiymo so use an
archer to shoot across the room or use a Ninjas Lava Ring spell to hit
everything since it fires in every direction youll most likey hit the
Daiymo. Once you kill him the person you killed wont be allowed back
into mutilplayer for a couple of days.

Now if youre being invaded, send the 3 Samurais youre not using back
to the shrine room (do that by hitting d on the keyboard and just keep
your best guy). Do this so in case he gets by you your leader will have
protection. Try to find his group and take those invading bastards down.
I like to use a wizard or a Ninja since they have spells that can take
all there people down. A good spell for when your fighting alone is a
homing missle spell like sparkball or blizzard that way you dont have
to aim. Or when your being invaded you could always just leave the game.

Item duplication:
Save the game at any point. Hold {Alt} and press {Tab} to switch to the
Windows Desktop. Go into My Computer/C:/Sierra. Right click the the
Sierra folder. Then go to Send To and Compressed Folder. You should
see a folder appear that looks like a folder with a zipper. Hold {Alt}
and press {Tab} to switch back to the game. Throw down the item that
you want to duplicate. Save the game again and go back out. Go to your
Compressed Folder and go into Characters. Highlight everything in
this area then hold {Ctrl} and press C to copy those items. Go back
into the actual Sierra folder, then go into Characters. Hold {Ctrl}
and press V to paste those files. Switch back to the game. While holding
{Shift}, press 5 to reload your earlier save. Go into your inventory if
it is not already displayed. You should now have the item you threw on
the ground back in your inventory. However, the same item is also on
the ground.

See all items:
Press {Alt}.

Bricks quest: Bishomen Spear location:
The Bishomen Spear is a somewhat powerful weapon. It only has 30 damage,
but has 2 to 5 Element Damage of every element. To get the first piece
of the Bishomen Spear you must go through the Caverns Of The Ancients.
Find the exit to the southeast slope. You must use Benkei (fat character
who is the best with polearm and spear class weapons) to obtain them.
You must look for three rocks. Each is located on different parts of the
southeast slope. Attack them, but be aware that every time you obtain a
part a unique monster will try to defeat you and bring it back to Zanshin.
The monster that most commonly appears is a Bach Yori (a member of the
Wolf Clan). The last one is always random. Brick can only use this weapon.

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