Ultima 7 – The Black Gate

Ultima 7 – The Black Gate

Debug mode:
Start the game with the following command line. Type ultima7, followed by
a space, and the invisible character created by holding {Alt} + 255. The
following debug functions may now be activated. Alternatively, type ultima7,
followed by a space, abcd, and the invisible character created by holding
{Alt} + 255. The following debug functions may now be activated.
Alternatively, type:

Cheat menu – Press [F2] during game play.
Teleport map – Press [F3] during game play.
Steal items – Press {Alt} + 4 and click on a person to force them to drop
all items.

Hidden treasure room:
Start a new game after enabling the debug code. Locate the dead blacksmiths
shop in the bottom left corner of the first town. Climb on the roof by using
the crates. Walk to the back of the chimney to be transported to a secret
treasure room with many magic and special items

Start game with ultima ABCD<alt-255> pressing Alt-255 where it is indicated
rather than typing it. Use function keys inside game for various cheat options.
To see the end-game animation, ENDGAME ereiamjh

Free bread:
If you are in a bakery, take some flour and put it in the fireplace. Within
seconds, a loaf of bread will pop out. Repeat until you have enough bread
to feed your characters.

Send Lord British to an early grave:
Wait around the castle courtyard until Lord British stands under the sign that
reads Lord Britishs Throne Room. (this happens around noon in the game; check
your pocketwatch if you dont know the game time). Double-click the sign and
it will come loose, fall down, and embed itself in the good kings head.

Submitted by: jeansy

Startup game : U7 ABCD{Alt}-[2][5][5] {ENTER}
So, during the game you can press
[F2] for the Cheat Menu
[F3] for a teleport-map

Note : This doesnt work on some versions.
See the cheat on part 2 for more info !

For endanimation : ENDGAME ereiamjh {ENTER}

For an even more interesting cheat, go to the Room of Ultimate Solutions. This
room holds just about every object in the game and teleports to almost anywhere
that youd want to go. To locate the room, go to the blacksmiths shop in the
northwest part of Trinsic. Pile wooden boxes on top of each other to build a
ramp up to the shops roof. Walk up the ramp to the eastern edge of the roof,
on the far side of the chimney. Walk into the chimney.

Beat the game really quickly:
In the starting town of trisnic, grab as many crates as you can(preferably at
night so you dont get arrested) and stack them into a staircase that leads up to
the roof of the blacksmiths in the sw corner. It should take a lot of crates, so
dont worry. I think you can even use anvils if you cant get enough crates. Then
when you finally get on top, walk around the back of the chimney and youll enter
a room. Inside this room are tons of crates with all sorts of great equipment in
them! There are even crates of story items. So you can beat the game really quickly!

Tons of Gold:
In the casino hall in Buccaneers Den there is a roulette table. The wheel spins
slowly enough that you can guess a moment or two before it stops what color is the
winner. Simply move your wager to the appropriate color. Repeat ad nauseum.

Copy Protection answers:
After you have talked to all of the towns people about the murder in Trinsic and
have Chrisophers son, Spark, accompanying you, find the Mayor. During the day
the Mayor will be in the Town Hall (large gray building with a pedestal out front).
At night, he is usually in the Tavern.

While talking to him, select report to begin answering questions. If you have
gathered enough information, you can ask him about password. The next 3 questions
he asks are references from the Cloth Map of Britannia which was enclosed in the
game box. This is copy protection for the game. Dont have your cloth map anymore?
Below are the answers youll need to get the password and leave Trinsic.

Latitude of Buccaneers Den: 60
Latitude of Dagger Isle: 0
Latitude of Deep Forest: 60
Latitude of Skara Brae: 30
Latitude of Spektran: 120

Longitude of Buccaneers Den: 60
Longitude of Skara Brae: 60
Longitude of Terfin: 120

To leave town, go to any gate and double click on the Winch. You will automatically
tell the guard the password (Blackbird).