101 – The Airborn Invasion of Normandy

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101 – The Airborn Invasion of Normandy

Type in the following codes during gameplay:

AirNormandy – soldiers re-jump into normandy
AngryManDinners – soldiers are given food
Beef – all the cows on the map are killed
Heknows – turns off Iknow
Helllive – all the germans on the map are killed
Hohoho – Gives your GI a brand new MG42 plus two ammo belts
Ihaveyounow – all the germans on the map are surrendered
Iknow – displays all germans, equipment bags, and insides of buildings
PrisonPod – No parachutes
TraitorTraitor – current soldier surrenders
PrisonPod – removes all parachutes
Robocop3 – makes your soldier go berzek
Weasel – all soldiers on the map are made available
YouGoSquishNow – all the germans on the map are killed

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