Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Cheat Codes:

Getting the War Nug mount:
Travel to Val Royeaux, and look for a vendor named Deraboam in a small store with a blue
doo Interact with the chest to find „The Mystery Box” unique item, which costs 10,000
coi Buy it to unlock „The Big One,” mission on the global war boar Then, send one of
your advisors to complete „The Big One,” mission, and they will return with the giant
War Nug moun

Getting a free horse:
Once you reach the Hinterlands zone, travel to the far western corner to investigate
the „Master Of Horses” side-ques It is west of the Redcliffe Farms Cam You can
see the large stables from a distanc Travel up the hill to the large homestead,
talk to Master Dennet, and agree to his terms to get a free Ferelden Forde You
can collect the horse with the saddles in the stables to the right of the path as
you exit the hous

Romance Options Guide:
* Marriage is not include This isn,t like Skyrim where marriage is an available institution , relationships are explicitly story-driven and will only develop after
reaching milestones in the campaig
* There are eight romantic partners availabl Not all romantic options are party members, some are characters that join your party as advisers or serve other purposes as aids to the Inquisito
* Each romantic partner has specific preferences that translate into hard requirements in-gam Some will only become romantic with male inquisitors, female
inquisitors, or bot
* Some options will only become involved with specific race These two additional
romantic options are not as involved as the first six and are only available to female Inquisitor

Companion Locations:
Go to the indicated location to find the corresponding companion to join your part
There are a total of nine companions that can join your party, not including your
characte Each companion has unique skills and stories, as well as their own romantic
interactions and side-quest
All companions except for Cassandra, Solas, and Varric are optiona

When entering Val Royeaux, the capitol of Orlais, there will be a glowing red arrow
near your characte Find all the arrow messages around the city to meet Ser
Note: You must complete the „A Friend Of Red Jenny” quest before you can recruit Ser

-=Lady Vivienne=-
When you reach the opening courtyard in Val Royeaux, look for a messenger near the
fountain on your way out of the city to get the „Ghislain Estate” ques He will
give you an invitation to meet with Lady Vivienne at her estat

-=Iron Bull=
Go to the gate doors outside the Chantry in Have Wait until a messenger appears and
invites you to the Storm Coas Note: You must complete „The Captain Of The Chargers”
quest in the Storm Coast before you can recruit Iron Bul

After Leliana gives you „The Lone Warden” quest, you can find him in the Hinterlands

After Fiona requests for the Herald to meet with a faction of Mages, you can find
Dorian in Redcliff

Later in the story, Cole will appears in Have He cannot be missed or acquired earl

Acquired at the start of the gam Cassandra joins the story with Varric and Solas
as your first party member

Acquired at the start of the gam Varric joins the story with Cassandra and Solas
as your first party member

Acquired at the start of the gam Solas joins the story with Cassandra and Varric
as your first party member

Wedge Of Destiny cheese shield:
The Wedge Of Destiny is a shield made of chees It resembles a cheese wheel with
one wedge missin It can be found randomly on picnic tables in Crestwood and chests
around Crestwoo There is a chest on a high mount above one of the Crestwood camp
From the starting camp, look for the next closest camp, then search the high ledges
nearby to find the ches The Wedge Of Destiny stats are as follows:

Type: Off Hand Shiel
Armor: 14 , Fron
Restriction: Warrior Onl
Requirement: Level
+6% Bleed on Being Hi
+30% Front Defens
Heal +15% of damage taken over 10 second

Treasure map locations:
Search the indicated location to find a treasure map, then follow it to get the
corresponding loot:

-=Farmland Cave=-
The Farmland Cave map can be found in Hafter’s Wood To find the treasure, travel towards
Redcliffe Farm From Redcliff Farms, move west to reach Dead Ram Grove with some enemie
Explore the area for a cave on top of the hil There is another small cave at the south
side of the cavern on top of the hil Enter that small cave to find the treasur

-=Halin Sulahn=-
The Halin Sulahn map can be found in Ghilan’nain’s Grove, at the hunter’s cam You may
need to fight or sneak past a dragon to get the ma After obtaining the map, travel towards
the Dalish Camp at the southwest edge of the Exalted Plain Move towards the waterfall
south of the Dalish Cam Go to the right side of the waterfall, then climb the mountain
next to i The treasure is at the top of the mountain, next to the waterfal

-=Watcher’s Pass=-
Speak to Fairbanks in Emerald Graves, then explore the camp to find the map in one of the
nearby shack To find the treasure, travel towards the west side, and reach the westernmost
rift near the „Rush Of Sighs Climb the large mountain next to the Fade Rift, then follow
the path on the left side of the large lone tre Collect the treasure, and close the Fade
Rift (if desired) before leaving the are

The Waterfall map can be found at the upper lake camp in the Hinterlands are To find the
treasure, travel towards Lake Luthias, and take the „West Road Continue along the path to
reach the broken bridge shown on the ma Then, follow the eastern path to reach to the
waterfall displayed on the ma Note: You will have to batle Templars in this are After
killing them, follow the path at the rear of the Templar Encampment to get under the waterfal
Search for an out of place dirt patch in this area to find the treasur

High Dragon locations:
Search the indicated area to encounter the corresponding High Dragon:

Ferelden Frostback : Lady Shayna’s Valley, The Hinterland It is resistant to fire andvulnerable to col
Gamoran Stormrider : Crow Fens, The Exalted Plain It is resistant to electricity andvulnerable to spiri
Greater Mistral: Emerald Graves (northern-most area It is resistant to cold andvulnerable to fir
Northern Hunter: Crestwoo It is resistant to electricity and vulnerable to spiri
Sandy Howler : Hissing Waste It is resistant to fire and vulnerable to col
The Highland Ravager : Emprise du Lio It is resistant to fire and vulnerable to col
The Hivernal : Emprise du Lio It is resistant to cold and vulnerable to fir
The Kaltenzahn : Emprise du Lio It is resistant to cold and vulnerable to fir
Vinsomer: Dragon Island, Storm Coas It is resistant to electricity andvulnerable to spiri

Weapons and armor crafting:
You can craft weapons, armor, and potion To craft a particular item, it requires a recipe and
crafting material Recipes are obtained by buying schematics from shops, glyphs illuminated by
Veilfire, and scrolls discovered in treasure chest After forming the Inquisition, you can have
your smith craft armor and weapon The smith can also craft weapon and armor upgrades, which
can be placed into specific slot However, to add elemental effects to your armor or upgrades,
you must find a dwarf named Dagn

The schematics required to make equipment are divided into three tier A higher tier schematic
will always result in better gea However, they will also require more material per slot to craf

Tier 1 schematics have 2 slot
Tier 2 schematics have 3 slot
Tier 3 schematics have 4 slot

The available slot types are:

Defense : Provides resistance against elemental attacks and damage-type resistance You can
also cause enemies to gain certain status conditio For example, bleeding when they
melee attac
Offense : Provides bonuses for being offensiv For example, increase damage against barriers/
guard, cause bleeding effects, heal after a killing blow, et
Primary : Determines the base armor or attack value of the armor or weapo It also determines
the elemental damage of stave
Utility : Determines attribute upgrades to status such as Willpower, Cunning, Dexterity, Magic,
Strength, and Constitutio The attribute boost is directly linked to crafting materia
Masterwork: High tier weapon or armor have an additional Masterwork slot, which requires masterwork
crafting materia This slot provides bonuses such as chance-on-hit damage and unique buffs after absorbing damag These may also add up to a 40% chance of critical crafting
(increases all stats of a particular weapon or armor by 10 per cent
Upgrade : Armor has up to two upgrade slots and weapons have up to thre The materials can greatly improve the quality of the armor and weapon upgrad
Rune: Does not depend upon the quality of the crafting materia All you need for rune crafting is a rune schemati

General Tips:
* Try to have one of every class in your part You’ll find a lot of doors and hidden areas in the environment that only one specific class can ope
* Feel free to purchase upgrades from merchant They’re not particularly expensive and you want
to upgrade your weapons/armor for stat boost
* Make sure to talk to all your companions after each big story even They often have new things
to discuss and may even provide you with a unique sideques
* If you don’t like how you’ leveled up your character, don’t worr You can purchase a respect tool at your base for just 1 gold, though it goes up on price after the first purchas
* Don’t fill all requisition They often require materials that can be used for other things, and the only real reward is powe Trust me when I say you’ll have plenty of power if you do a few side activities here and ther
* The Hinterlands is the first big area in Inquisition, and there’s a lot to see and do ther But don’t linger in the Hinterlands too lon You’ll be ignoring other cool environments and will likely over-level your character
* Closing breaches in an environment is a great way to earn experienc
* Try your best to solve the astrarium puzzle Solving all of them in a single area opens up a cave with great loo
* Kill animals and collect herbs when you’re explorin You’ll need the materials to craft new
weapons, armor, and upgrade
* Pay careful attention to war council mission descriptions, as some of them open up important characters, options, and other cool thing
* Inquisition allows you to flirt with a lot of characters, but you can only pursue a relationship
with some of them based on your gender and rac

Skyhold Thrones Unlock:
Note: All thrones can be upgraded through War Table resource gathering mission

-=Andrastian Chantry Throne=-
Finish Cassandra,s Inner Circle quests that become available after establishing Skyhol

-=Chasind Throne=-
Complete the ,Lost Souls, quest in the Fallow Mire, then return to Skyhold to pass judgement
on an annoying Avva

-=Ferelden Throne=-
Complete the ,Still Waters, quests in Crestwoo Once that,s done, return to the throne in
Skyhold to pass judgement on Mayor Dedric

-=Mage Throne=-
Finish Vivienne,s Inner Circle quests that become available once Skyhold is establishe

-=Orlais Throne=-
Reach the Emprise du Lion and capture Mistress Poulin during the major quest lin Return to
pass judgement at the Skyhold throne to unlock this optio

-=Qunari Throne=-
Finish Iron Bull,s Inner Circle quest lin Complete the Iron Bull Inner Circle Quests after
reaching Skyhold in the stor

Plants v Zombies references:
You will find a note that reads „Plants v Corpses from one Daveth the Mad” in Crestwoo
Additionally, travel south from Three Trout Camp, and go towards Linden Far At Linden Farm,
you can find a row of large sunflowers near a crumbling wal

Infinite skill points:
If a chest with more than one item is not fully looted, it will respawn the contents after
fast travelin Some chests contain the Amulet Of Power, which gives the main character or
their followers an extra +1 skill point, depending on which character the amulet is available
fo When a chest is found with multiple items inside including an Amulet Of Power, this glitch
will wor Only take the Amulet Of Power, leave the other item(s), then fast travel back to
Skyhol Return to the original location, and the Amulet Of Power will have respawne To use
this glitch in the Village of Crestwood, first unlock the „Deft Hands, Fine Tools” perk in
the Secrets Inquisition tre You need four other perks in the Secrets section to unlock that
per It allows Rogues to open Masterwork Lock Leave Skyhold, and go to to the Village of
Crestwood with a Rogu If you fast traveled to the village, turn right, and go up the steps
to find a locked shac Open the door with your Rogu Loot the floor near the fireplace to
find a container with a Gold Amulet and Amulet Of Powe Take the Amulet Of Power, but leave
the Gold Amule If you take both items, this glitch will not wor Next, fast travel back to
Skyhold or any location outside the Crestwood are Then, return to the Village of Crestwood,
enter the previously locked shack, and loot the floor container again to find the Amulet Of
Power has respawne Repeat this process as many times as desired to earn an unlimited number
of skill point Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the gam

Infinite gold:
Mark a metal or leather item as valuabl Go to any store, and press [Sell All], then [Sell]
in quick successio Go to the buy back screen, and the item will have doubled or increased
by 10 Repeat this as many times as desire
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the gam

Infinite gold and crafting materials:
First, clear out all your valuables items by selling, turning in research, destroying, et
Take the crafting item you want to duplicate (it is recommended anything from a dragon for
money), and put it into valuable Enter any store, and go to the sell valuables sectio
Press [Sell All], then [Sell] in quick successio It will sell all, and bring up the sell
how many window if you had more than on Sell all with that to Go to the buy back area
to see double what you had available to buy bac Buy it all, and double sell i Repeat
this as many times as desire Note: This does not work with herb Additionally, this
glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the gam

Max Power and Influence:
To quickly max out Power and Influence in Dragon Age Inquisition, do the following: You must
first reach Skyhol Go to the merchant in the Southwest corner of the courtyard (Farris the
Representative Click on Buy/Sell and go to the Other section Purchase whichever of the
Influence/Power items that you can affor DO NOT exit the merchant at this poin
Immediately go to Sell and sell the item back to the merchan Repeat as desire When you
exit the merchant Buy/Sell screen, you will get the accumulated Influence/Power from your

Easy Wyvern Scales and Experience (Exploit):
Once you are at level 13 or higher with sufficiently powerful gear, head to the Hissing Waste
Work your way to the oasis, located near the far west side of the ma Kill the enemies you
find there and gather the wyvern scales, which you can sell for around 4000G for about 10
minutes’ worth of wor It’s a great way to gain both gold and experience point

Easy Climbing:
As you are exploring and have to climb along steep terrain, watch your trekking companion
Because they are controlled by AI, they will often have an easier time climbin If an ally
works his or her way to an advantageous position, quickly switch to that character, and then
back to your preferred warrio You should join your friend on the high ground, saving you
the trouble of getting there the hard wa

Item Duplication:
You can dupe stackable crafting materials at any merchan All you need to do is mark your
crafting materials you want to dupe to the Valuables and hit Sell and Sell All at the same
tim Only stackable crafting materials can be duped and no herb

Infinite Gold:
From the War Table, select the Gather Coin operation with any characte Now, exit the game
long enough to change the clock settings on your hardwar Set the time forward an hour,
then resume pla Your operation should have concluded, and you can collect the reward
Make sure not to rollover your time, and it’s a good idea to reset your clock once you have
used the trick a few times, just to keep things simpl

Unlimited Amulets of Power for your Inquisitor:
To make use of this glitch you must have reached Skyhold and unlocked Crestwood on your map
table (* Travel to Crestwood and locate the villag There is a boarded up and locked house
ther To gain access to it you must 1)drain the lake and close the fade rift there and 2)
have the Deft Hands per After entering this house you will find a bag of loot on the floor
along with a chest off to the sid Selectively loot the ba It will have an „amulet of
power” for your inquisitor in it along with atleast one other ite Take the „amulet of
power” and leave atleast 1 item in the ba This can be done with the chest off to the side
as wel Now you exit Crestwood then retur There is a quick travel point in the village
so you don’t need to travel far after returnin Go back into the house and selectively loot
the bag & chest agai the „amulet of power” has respawned and there are new items in the

(*) This can be done with any chest or loot drop through out the game, but the „amulet of
power” requires the above mentioned condition

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